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Episode 21 Arıza (The Fault): Trailer And Summary

The new 21st episode trailer of Arıza (The Fault) has been released!. What happen in the episode on February 6th?

Watch Arıza (The Fault) series episode 21 trailer... Has Arıza (The Fault) new 21st episode trailer been released? The trailer for the series breaks records for clicks on Youtube. Viewers of the show continue to conduct research to watch the trailer immediately after the series episodes. Investigations are ongoing, such as watch the 21st episode part 1 trailer, watch the 21st episode part 2 trailer. the trailers are featured in our sites...

Show TV's beloved series Arıza (The Fault) is coming to the screens again with exciting scenes from each other. The summary of the 19th chapter of the fault is as follows. Hashmet confronts Fuat. Fuat's goal is to answer for the past. However, Fuat does not look like it will be solved easily. Burak, who is trying every way to find his father, finds Murat in front of him. However, Murat is ready to fight his brother to make the deal intact. Muzaffer, on the other hand, made a request to Ali Riza. If this request is not fulfilled, Ali threatens Reza, with his favorite. Because Muzaffar has a lot of leverage to capture Halide and Hashmet. However, Ali Reza has a plan against all this. What Will Happen in the New 21st Episode? 

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Arıza (The Fault) also excites viewers with what will be in the new episode. In the new episode, gripping events are waiting for us. Ali Riza encounters Sapphir. Halide, on the other hand, is having a difficult time in interrogation. In addition to all this, Safir Ali offers Reza a difficult choice. Here is 21st episode trailer and episode summary of Arıza (The Fault) ...

What happen in the last episode?

Halide's difficult moments in interrogation are highlighted in the tense promo, in which Ali Riza confronts The Old Man's man Safir. While Sapphir has made a difficult choice for Ali Reza, who he threatens with his loved ones, it is already a matter of great curiosity what Ali Riza will do.   

Fuat Ersoylu is buried in a simple ceremony at Burak's request. The old man's right-hand man Safir contacts Ali Reza and gives Ali Riza his first duty. Burak goes after a name his father told him before he died. Halide is excited about a little holiday she has dreamed of for a long time, where she and Ali Riza can rest their heads.

Arıza (The Fault) Episode 21 Trailer

Arıza (The Fault) Episode 21 Summary

Burak is very disappointed to learn that his brother has sold his father. Ali Reza has now met with the old man and promises him that he will find Balaban.

While Ali Rıza searches for Balaban, Balaban shows himself by making an unpleasant visit to Halide's clinic. The members of the consortium convened under the leadership of the old man decide what to do in the new term.

Burak and Balaban have founded the foundations of a new cooperation. Ali Riza, who learns something new about his father every day, gets confused from good to good.

Arıza (The Fault) series will be on Show TV on Sunday evening, January 31, 2021 with its 20th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Arıza (The Fault)

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