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Episode 3 Akıncı (The Raider): Trailer And Summary

The trailer for episode 3 of the ATV series Akıncı (The Raider) has been released! "Will you revenge for your father?". What happen in the episode on January 15th?

The trailer for episode 3 was also released as Akıncı (The Raider), which aired on ATV, sat on the agenda of Turkey. The trailer for the new episode, which has rocked Turkey since its first episode, was presented to the audience by ATV. In the episode 3 trailer, the series, starring Sukru Özyıldız and Büşra Develi and featuring many famous players, brings to the screen the story of a hero who protects the city and its people with his life...

The series appeared in front of the audience last night with the 2nd final episode. The trailer for the 3rd new episode of the raider series has been released. Here is 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Akıncı (The Raider) .....

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What happen in the last episode?

Köksal and his men invade the city lines ferry on Cevdet's orders and take the passengers inside hostage. Akinci is unaware of the trap set for him on his way to the scene. Cevdet wants to strengthen his hand against Lukas by killing him.

Nergis will attend the promotional night of Yağiz's collection, but as soon as he hears about the action, he head to the scene. Getting past the police and getting to the ferry won't be as easy as he expected. Kemal is looking to get through the action without any problems and to catch Akinci.

Akıncı (The Raider) Episode 3 Trailer

Akıncı (The Raider) Episode 3 Summary

With Akinci's intervention, Lukas was neutralized. Cevdet wants to mediate the smuggling of weapons, taking the opportunity to retreat to Lukas' corner. This illegal trade, which is on Orhan's radar, also involves Akinci. 

However, the landscape Orhan and Akinci face is more than gun trafficking. The Trafficking and Organised Crime Branch follows Cevdet's irregular affairs. Kemal believes that this is an early move when the search and capture decision is made about Cevdet. Daffodil, while investigating who ordered his abduction, he comes up with a surprise name.  "

Akıncı (The Raider) serie Episode 3 released on January 15th. Read Also All Episode of Akıncı (The Raider)

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