Episode 7 Sol Yanım (My Left Side): Trailer And Summary

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The new 7th episode trailer of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has been released! What happen in the episode on January 14th? 


Star TV, one of the most popular channels in Turkey, has managed to attract the attention of the audience with its production. The production has reached a large audience. Fans has been looking for information about the new episode for what they're curious about. The production has received great acclaim from viewers and every episode is watched with curiosity. The series is becoming more popular every day, while the viewers are strives to learn more about the story.

With its episodes broadcast every week, Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has become one of the most popular projects of Star TV channel. The series managed to get full marks from the audience, all episodes of which were highly anticipated. Star TV channel's streaming is strictly monitored for new episodes that viewers are looking forward to.

Özge Yağiz, Emre Bey and Defne Samyeli, who are left side production actors, said that they were very tired during the Shoot of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) but were satisfied with their success in the end. They expressed that they were very happy for the positive feedback they received from the audience.

Sol Yanim Episode 7
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What happen in the last episode?

How will Selim convince Serra to make up? What will it cost to cooperate with Ali? How will Asena's pregnancy change the balance in the happy birthday? How will Burak's return affect the relationship between Selim and Serra?

Serra's disappointment in a row causes her to question herself and she believes she cannot compete with the girls around Selim. When Selim convinces Serra to eat together, he doesn't mind Biricik's attempts, and love catches fire again. Seeing her daughter fall in love with Selim, Nilgün cannot prevent Selim from coming to their doors.

Asena is threatened by Ihsan when her close relationship with Barış is exposed. Upon learning she's pregnant, Asena thinks her baby can get her marriage back on track. In this way, she is ready to break down all obstacles. In the face of Ali's blackmail, he's in a very difficult position. On the other hand, when she try to use Nazlım to frame Serra, things become inseparable. The only name that can make it to the one's rescue will be Burak, who has finally recovered.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 7 Trailer

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 7 Summary

Will Selim be able to forgive his father? What's he going to do when he finds out about his only best friend's betrayal? Who's really responsible for Selim's accident? Upon learning the secret that Ihsan had kept from him for years, Selim left his birthday party very angry with his father. In the face of Selim's disappointment, Serra supports him to ease his pain. 

Trying to reconcile with his son, Ihsan also takes action to find Emin. Selim, his anger towards his father does not calm down, and when confronted, he says very harsh words to his father. Selim's grandmother, Berrin, rushes to Istanbul when she learns of what happened. Ihsan hears harsh words from his mother about Selim and is surprised by his harsh exit about Asena. 

He is surprised to learn that Zeynep is the one who posted the video from Nazlım. Nazlım and Ali were trying to disrupt Biricik's game; Barbar is included in the plan. They team up to extort money from Biricik and his girlfriends. 

A welcome party is organized for Burak by his friends. Burak treats Selim as if nothing had happened and also plans to end his relationship with Serra. Burak thought of Selim's flirtation in Serra's mind, while He warned Serra against Burak. While Burak was making it look like he'd forgotten About Serra; It'll be a break-up between Biricik and Selim. Meanwhile, Selim's accident is responsible for the accident.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) is on Star Tv on Thursday, January 14th at 08 P.M. with a new 7th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Sol Yanım (My Left Side)

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