Episode 9 Sol Yanım (My Left Side): Trailer And Summary

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The new 9th episode trailer of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has been released!. What happen in the episode on January 27th?


Star TV's new series Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has been added to our website for the news of episode 9 trailer. With the 9th episode released on Thursday evening, January 28, 2021, the series will continue to meet their audience from where he left off on the TV channel. On our website to watch the new episode trailer with the best high quality....

Breaths held for episode 8 of Sol Yanım (My Left Side). In the last 8th episode which is expected to air on Star on Thursday evening (January 21st); Burak, who is in the grip of jealousy, is sabotaging the relationship between Selim and Serra. Burak is extremely warm to Selim, while behind the scenes, he activates treason plans. So has the new episode 9 trailer been released?

The expected trailers for Episode 8 of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) were released days ago. The trailer for the 9th new episode is expected to go live immediately after Episode 8 of My Left Side, which will lock viewers onto the screen with its strong cast and story. The series, which attracts a lot of attention with every episode, is on STAR TV on Thursday, January 28 at 08 P.M. with its nineth episode!

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In the eighth episode of the series produced by BKM and followed with interest on Star TV screens on Thursday evenings. Here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) ... 

What happen in the last episode?

In Episode 8, what will Nilgün do to protect her daughter from disappointment? Will Ihsan change his view of Serra and Selim's relationship after his encounter with Nilgün? How will Biricik and Zeynep's fight change the balance at school? How will Berrin Kutlusay's arrival at the mansion affect the balance? Will Selim realize the evil that Burak is trying to do?

When Nilgün sees Serra being taken home by Ihsan, she asks her daughter about Ihsan and warns her about the Kutlusay Family. Ihsan is surprised to see that Serra is Nilgün's daughter. Nilgün is determined not to let her daughter be upset by a Kutlusay. She decides to do everything she can to make sure Serra doesn't make the same mistake as him.

Berrin's heart attack brings the family back together, while the ice slowly melts. Trying to find the middle way between Ihsan and Selim, Berrin finally succeeds and Selim relents in the face of his father's apology. With Berrin's arrival at the mansion, Selim begins to consider whether to return home.

Berrin's arrival corners Asena. Berrin, who keeps an eye on Asena, warns Ihsan against Asena. Asena entrusts the money she received from Ihsan to her father as an excuse for catalog shoots. Burak tries to return Selim to his party-filled life and remove him from Serra, while trying to convince Serra that his relations with Selim will not work out.

Biricik prepares a revenge plan against Zeynep's betrayal. When Zeynep tries to threaten Nazlım, she faces a harsh stance. Nazlım, Barbar and Ali are at work to take advantage of this turmoil to widen their friends more.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 9 Trailer 

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 9 Summary

Will Selim be able to redeem himself to Serra? Serra and Selim's relationship is coming to an end? How will Nilgün be met when she goes to Ihsan to ask for an account? Will Selim reveal Asena's trap? Does Burak regret what he did? Who's the mystery person knocking on Nilgün's door? 

After a difficult night at Kutlusay Manor, It hurts Serra that Selim asks him innaied questions about Biricik's watch. When Selim speaks to Nazlım and learns the truth, he asks Ali for an account and asks him to tell him what Asena has done. Nilgün, on the other hand, is deeply disturbed that her daughter has been indered as a thief. She'll go to the office to talk to Ihsan.

Burak's father faces a lack of money when he is cut off from the financial means he offers. While Burak hides his condition from everyone, Serra overheard Burak talking to her father. 

Burak and Biricik argue about Serra. As Burak tells Biricik to accept Serra's defeat, he feels that he is slowly getting bored with these intrigues. Upon learning the truth, Selim is devastated by guilt. He tries hard to redeem himself to Serra and tries to calm his anger, but Serra cannot accept this insult against him. 

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) is on Star on Wednesday, January 27th at 08 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Sol Yanım (My Left Side)

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