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Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı' Episode 2: Trailer And Summary

When will 2nd episode of Maraşlı be released?, What channel is it? What happen in the episode on January 18th?

The 2nd episode of ATV's new series Maraşlı, which managed to attract attention with its first episode, is eagerly awaited! When will the 2nd episode of Marash, starring Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, be broadcast on what channel? Who are the players? What's the series about? 

The action-type Turkish television series Marashlı, signed by TIMS&B Productions and edited by Arda Sarıgün and written by Ethem Özışık, Hakan Bonomo and Ercan Ugur, aired with its first episode this week. Atv's new series, The 2nd episode of Marash, is already being wondered by viewers! The highly anticipated 2nd episode of the Marash series will be on ATV screens on Monday, January 18 at 08 P.M.!

A new production is joining the new season tonight. What will happen in the marashli series, which has already received acclaim with its published promotional films, is eagerly awaited. The subject of the production, which attracts attention from action and exciting scenes, and the cast are also the subject of research. Arda Sarıgül will be the director of the Marash series, produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar. The first episode of the series will meet the audience on ATV screens last night at 08 P.M.

Maraşlı episode 2
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What Will Happen in the First Episode?

Following the stunning trailers for the series Marashlı, which is expected to be one of the ambitious productions of the new season, its subject was also intrigued. The series will discuss the intersecting lives of Marashli and Mahur, former Special Forces soldiers, in a way they did not expect. The series, which will tell the adventurous story of the two embarking on an adventure together, has already been the center of attention.

Marashlı, a former soldier who left the Special Forces in the Marashli series, opened a sahaf shop in Istanbul and continues his life in this way. The turning point for marash, who has been through many struggles, was the day his daughter was killed, and he can't help but find his daughter's killers. One day the beautiful Mahur Tunnel comes to the sahaf shop. After the two meet at the sahaf shop, Mahur witnesses a murder in the ruins where he went to take pictures and gets into trouble. Mahur's life is saved by marash. The two's lives are sealed by this incident.

Maraşlı Episode 2 Trailer

Maraşlı Episode 2 Summary:

"You may be the weirdest man I know. It's hard to find someone like you in this period, Maraşlı..."

Maraşlı is sure that it was the Türel family who made his daughter this way. For Maraşlı, every member of the family is a suspect. Therefore, he returns to the task of protecting Mahur. What about Maraşlı's first step to getting to know the Türel family? Mahur doesn't know about the assassination attempt. Unaware that the War is still after him, Mahur opposes Maraşlı's return. Mahur has a plan. He tries to get Maraşlı to leave the mission voluntarily. Will Mahur succeed in this plan? 

Maraşlı Episode 2 released on January 18th. Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı'

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