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Sokağın Çocukları (Children of the Street) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What's Blu TV's new series, Sokağın Çocukları (Children of the Street), about? Which actors are starring? Kids of the Street watch a trailer. All the information about the series is in our sites...

BluTV's phenomenon series "Sıfır Bir – Bir Zamanlar Adana" comes with a brand new series from the team: 'Sokağın Çocukları (Children of the Street)'. The series airs on BluTV on February 6, 2020.

The series will tell the story of young people who have to ensure their own justice in a world where the law falls short. The audience will witness a torduer struggle and a breathless chase through the back streets of Adana. The cast will include new names as well as the beloved cast of 'Sokağın Çocukları (Children of the Street)'.

sokagin cocuklari cast
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Synopsis of Sokağın Çocukları 

It is about young people who struggle to hold on to life and exist in their difficult worlds and try to grow up fighting hardships. The story examines questions such as "What is justice?", "How does a young man survive on the street?" through gray characters, not good and bad.

The series, which began airing on February 6, 2020, is expected to offer the pleasure of cruising in a Zero One taste. The production, long awaited by the Zero One audience, began airing on Blutv. The broadcaster did not explain how many episodes the series consisted of.

Trailer of Sokağın Çocukları 

Cast of Sokağın Çocukları 

Furkan Murat Uğur

Hakan Erkuran

Nesih Turunç

Soner Çelik

Oğuz Öztaş

Kerem Ali Yengüner

Arda İlkin Parlak

Alper Parlak

Gökhan Diğicibaş

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