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Şeref Bey Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Who's in the Cast of Şeref Bey? What the synopsis? What Channnel the series will be aired?

Turkish Series Programs began to show on Acun Ilicalı's new platform Exxen. The series Şeref Bey, starring Haluk Bilginer, will air in Exxen. However, when will the series Şeref Bey be broadcast. Who will be in the cast, will exxen be broadcast, will it be paid, how many episodes will be broadcast? How many episodes, how many hours, and what's the plot? Here are all the details...

Exxen a Digitally Platform

Exxen, a digital platform founded by Acun Ilıcalı, will start broadcasting from January 1, 2021. New series, programs, documentaries will be broadcast on EXXEN. We also wanted to share information about the series of Şeref Bey, which is planned to be broadcast on EXXEN. We wanted to answer questions such as who are the cast of Şeref Bey series, who are the characters of Şeref Bey series, what is the subject of the series, when it will start airing.

The search for actors is still ongoing for the new series, Şeref Bey, as preparations continue for its release on EXXEN. The show's lead actors have been signed, but the other actors are being interviewed. If deals are made soon, we'll let you know by adding new players to our topic. You can find the information about the characters of Şeref Bey series players to be published on the EXXEN digital platform.

Synopsis of Şeref Bey

Onur Bey series will be designed by Ali Atay, while Onur Ünlü will be in the director's chair. Mr. Onur stars Haluk Information, Songül Öden and Ertan Saban. The story of Şeref Bey series has not been revealed yet. As we can see from his name, the life story of the character named Şeref Bey will be told the names and stories that come into his life.

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When will Şeref Bey be published

EXXEN, the digital platform where Şeref Bey series will be broadcast, opens on January 1, 2021. The series Onur Bey will also go on set after completing the search for actors and will begin airing after January 1, 2021. We can't give an exact date for now, but we expect it to be published in January 2021.

Şeref Bey Broadcast Channel 

Şeref Bey will be broadcast on Exxen. After watching Şeref Bey series, which will be broadcast on the Exxen digital platform owned by Acun Ilıcalı and which will offer new series and programs to the audience, write your comments in the section below. How do you like Şeref Bey?

Şeref Bey Exxen Platform Trailer

Şeref Bey, as soon as the Exxen trailer comes out, we'll add it here. It was released in the trailer for the series Mr. Onur, which had posters. When he found out that what he thought was a restaurant he rented years ago was being used as a fun house, let's see if Mr. Onur can kick them out of the house or if he's going to be the tool of it him.

Cast of Şeref Bey

Haluk Bilginer as Şeref Bey

Haluk Bilginer, the male lead actor of Şeref Bey series, is the sought-after lead actor in Turkish tv films. Handsome and experienced actor Haluk Bilginer was born in Izmir in 1954. He is a member of the advisory board of the Department of Theatre at Kadir Has University. Azizler, 9 Kere Leyla, Nuh Tepesi,  Kara Yazı, Acayip Hikayeler.

Songül Öden,

Songül Öden was born in Diyarbakir in 1979. The actress graduated from Ankara University Theatre Department and studied singing at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. She also acted as a theatre actor in Ankara art theatre, Ankara trial stage, Trabzon state theater, Diyarbakir state theater and private theater stages. Songül Öden has appeared in many series of films and has been very successful in all of them. He first shared series of films starring Songül Öden, who starred in the 1999 Ferhunde Ladies series; She has starred in Gümüş, Vazgeç Gönül, Mükemmel Çift, Umutsuz Ev Kadınları, Serçe Sarayı, Ekşi Elmalar-, Kayıtdışı, Fi, Bir Aile Hikayesi. 

Ertan Saban

Born in Skopje in 1977, Ertan Saban is a Turk of Macedonia. He graduated from the Macedonian State Conservatory Theatre department. He appeared in some plays with his brother at the Turkish Theatre of Macedonia. He then came to Turkey and continued acting. Ertan Saban's films in Turkey; Elveda Rumeli, Sultan Makamı, Sağır Oda, Savcının Karısı, Sakarya Fırat, Gölgesizler, Başka Semtin Çocukları starred in tv series and films. Ertan Saban's new series Gel Dese Aşk. Gel Dese Aşk became her last series after making an early finale.

Ecem Uzun

Born in Istanbul in 1992, actress Ecem Uzun starred in the Ülker commercial for the first time. She graduated from Kadir Has University Theater Department. Aliye has appeared in the tv series: Aliye, Geniş Zamanlar, Pulsar, Gönül Salıncağı, Ah Kalbim. Most recently, she starred in Yalan Dunya.

Devrim Yakut

Devrim Yakut was born in 1968. The veteran actor has also played a role in many theatres and has worked in state theaters. She offers basic acting courses at Ankara University DTCF Theatre Department. She is studying acting in the Master's program at Bahçeşehir University. Some of the series of films starring Devrim Yakut were Kelebeğin Rüyası, Ben Onu Çok Sevdim, Bana Masal Anlatma, Düğün dernek, Cesur ve Güzel, Ekşi Elmalar, Darısı Başımıza, Hareket Sekiz And Baba Parası. 

Serhat Kilic

Born in Ankara in 1975, the actor has starred in many theatres, but his success in the series is also unforgettable. Serhat Kilic has starred in Bizim Evin Halleri, Hatırla Sevgili, Yol Arkadaşım, Benim Annem Bir Melek, Ezel, Seksenler, Çember, Söz, and Öğretmen.

Ahmet Rıfat Şungar

Ahmet Rıfat Şungar appear in the tv series Seref Bey. Ahmet Rifat Shungar was born in 1983. Gamsız Hayat, Aşk ve Gurur, Dudullu Postası, Kadın, Gamonya, Menajerimi Ara series films are some projects. 

Beyti Engin

Finally, Beyti Engin, who starred in The Eyvah of My Youth, will be in the tv series Issue of Honor. Beyti Engin was born in Canakkale in 1981. She starred in Geniş Aile, Leyla ile Mecnun, Keşanlı Ali Destanı, Beni Böyle Sev, Ulan İstanbul, No 309,Gençliğim Eyvah and Kırmızı Oda. 

Şükran Ovalı

Finally, Şükran Ovalı, who guest starred in Call My Manager, has stayed away from series film projects since she was born. Şükran Ovalı, who is married to football player Caner, was born in 1985. She starred in Avrupa Avrupa, Şeref Meselesi, Paramparça,Vatanım Sensin. 

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