Yeni Gelin (The New Bride) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What the story of Yeni Gelin (The New Bride) series? Who are the players? Which channel be aired? Details are in our news!

Yeni Gelin (The New Bride) series, which gives the screen-goer a pleasant moment on Show TV, is under the lens.  We examined the series, which gives the screen-goer a pleasant moment on Show TV, in detail with its "subject, cast and their characters".

The show's screenwriter and director is Ersoy Guler, who made his name with the series Ask Yeniden (Love Reseed). Yeni Gelin (The New Bride), produced by Process Film, is taking show TV screens by storm with its experienced cast and entertaining story.

Yeni Gelin (The New Bride) cast of the series, starring Jessica May Drociunas and Tolga Mendi, includes Mustafa Avkıran, Daghhan Külegeç, Sema Keçik, Lale Başar, Renan Bilek, Burçin Familiar, Zeynep Kankonde, Esin Gündoğdu, Murat Kocacik, Yonca Şahinbaş and Şilan Makal.

Synopsis of Yeni Gelin (The New Bride)

The series presents the lives of two young people in love who grew up with different cultures after their marriage in intimate and funny language. The modern agha of the New Bride Bozok Ashireti is about the intimate loves and funny families of the handsome lover prince Hazar and the half-Spanish, half-Turkish beauty Bella.

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For those who are wondering who Jessica May, who plays the lead character in Yeni Gelin (The New Bride), is, you can find our news about "Show TV's new foreign bride Bella" here.

Cast of  Yeni Gelin (The New Bride)

Jessica May as Bella Ozturk

Raised in an educated family, Bella is not only very kind and caring, but has the heart to follow her love to Çukurova. Bella, who is a bit clumsy but has a positive side to life, is even tolerated against those who want to dig her well in the mansion.

Tolga Mendi as Hazar Bozok

Bella's prince is a Hazar-ranked young man who is one of the heirs of bozok ashireti. Despite being between his family and the woman he loves, he believes he will defeat anything that confronts love, Bella's Prince... 

Dağhan Külegeç as Kaan Bozok 

Kaan, another heir to bozok Ashireti, is interested in companies. Even if he loved his brother very much, deep down he was always jealous of Hazar. Kaan has a slight regret for having to accept the life imposed on him. 

Mustafa Avkıran as Kalender Bozok 

The head of the Bozok tribe cannot deal with 3 women with tongs, despite bringing the whole tribe to its knees.

Sema Keçik as Ms. Möhteber

She's Kalender's first wife. Even though Möhteber and Kalender, who are from the Duran Tribe, the enemy of the Bozoks, were married to achieve peace, Kalender had a constant war inside the house. Möhteber's new goal is to get Bella out of the mansion as soon as possible.

Yonca Şahinbaş as Asiye Hanim

Asiye is Bella's mother-in-law, does not intend to share her only son, Caspian, with anyone. If Asiye, a Black Sea woman, is your enemy, you should definitely be afraid.The New Bride, which has become a favorite of the evenings of Cumartesi, continues to meet her lovers from Show TV screens with new episodes full of fun and laughter. 

Ms. Zeynep

Zeynep is Kalender's middle wife, is the one with the flirty business. Believing that her husband loves her the most, Zeynep constantly tries to use her womanliness to fall in love with Asiye. Their plan is to dock with Möhteber.

Lale Başar as Kamilla

Renan Bilek as Kamil

Burçin Bildik as Müsellim

Zeynep Kankonde as Ayşe

Esin Gündoğdu as Türkmen

Bahar Süer as Nazgül

Feride Hilal Akın as Şirin

Ece İrtem as Afet

Mustafa Çavuş as Gökhan

Halil İbrahim Kurum as Baran

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