Ateşböceği (Firefly) Synopsis And Cast: Trailer And Summary

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What's Ateşböceği (Firefly) series synopsis? Who are their players? Here are the character analyses...

Here is the plot story and cast of one of television's successful tv series Ateşböceği (Firefly). Who are the stars of the series, which is followed with interest? What time does the show air on what channel? What kind of the series? What's the day and time of the firefly sequence? Here are the answers to all these questions in our article.

Ateşböceği (Firefly) series, which is filming in Kadirga and Beykoz, is among the favorite series with its warm love story. Aslı and Barış's much-talked-about romances make the show enjoyable. Who are the cast? What channel is? on, what time is it air? Here are all the details of the Series...

Ateşböceği (Firefly) Players

The cast of the series, starring Seçkin Özdemir and Nilay Deniz, include Derya Alabora, Umur Yigit Vanlı, Belma Canciğer, Durul Bazan, Seda Güven, Berkay Tulumbacı, Alicia Kapudağ, Şebnem Dilligil, Cagri Çıtanak, Tayra Bahar.

Ateşböceği  synopsis
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Synopsis of Ateşböceği (Firefly)

On the one hand, he's very successful, charming, but he's distancing himself from love; A divorce lawyer, Barış (Seçkin Özdemir), who thinks that life has lost its interestingness. On the other hand, a beautiful young girl, Aslı (Nilay Deniz), who is smart, fun, chirpy but has to drive a taxi to support her family. Other name is Ateşböceği (Firefly). Crossing paths, the duo's lives change and they find themselves on a fun adventure full of love.

The new series, which airs with fireflies, the legendary part of the White Butterflies music group that marked the 70s, is about Aslı and Barış, who cross paths with a taxi encounter. Ateşböceği (Firefly) is on summer screen with an exciting chase of two people caught unprepared for love!

Cast of Ateşböceği (Firefly)

Seçkin Özdemir as Barış Buka 

A 35-year-old, very successful and attractive divorce lawyer, Barış is one of the country's leading divorce lawyers with a tough temperament, a break from his hold and an uncompromising nature of justice. He's a classy man who likes to read and write, who has his own tastes. Although he is distant from people at the point of trust, he builds inse do not break with those he trusts.

Nilay Deniz as Aslı Eğilmez

A beautiful, hardworking 23-year-old girl, Aslı is as delicate as a flower, even though her father is ine looka gözüerly enough to take over her taxi after death. Even though she couldn't find another shoulder to hold on to in difficult times after her father's passing; She has been the shoulder to endure for her mother Joy, older sister Arzu, older brother Metin and her older brother's daughter Cicek. Cicek's greatest goal after her accident is to find the person who caused the accident and see that he has been punished.

Umur Yigit Vanlı as Hakan Şeker

Hakan, a 25-year-old cousin of Barış, lives on the axis of gym, DJ set and girls. Although he is a pure child, he is very cute and natural. He lives a life that does no harm or benefit to anyone. His life will change on the day of the accident.

Belma Canciğer as Handan Pars

Handan is Barış's 45-year-old aunt, Hakan's mother is a naïve, easily deluded, psychotic, diseased woman. No matter how good she is, materially and spiritually, she can find a situation that will feel sorry for her.

Durul Bazan as Metin Eğilmez

Metin, the older brother of Aslı and Arzu, is a hapless man in his 40s. Although he was a brother, he lost faith in himself because of the losses and failures he suffered in a row and becoming a character who could not take initiative. But no matter what, he's Cicek's precious father.

Lal Tayra Bahar as Çiçek Eğilmez

Cicek is Metin's 8-year-old daughter, is the niece of Aslı and Arzu. Even though he will get rid of his wheelchair and start walking again after the surgeries and physical treatments he underwent after a car accident, Aslı does not see this situation as simple. Cicek is a very positive, poisoned girl. Her family has as much to do with standing as the original. She gives her family the greatest support with her speeches and stance.

Çağrı Çıtanak as Teo

At the age of 28, Teo, the right-hand man of Barış, strayed darkly with the immaturity of his age, as he was left unattended by his family at a young age. From a young age, he began stealing and pickpocketing, but he never did so willingly. His life changes with his encounter with peace, and in his second life he became a driver, bodyguard, confidant and friend of Barış over time.

Derya Alabora as Cahide Pars

Cahide, the great-aunt of Barış, she is a 55-year-old noble, never married woman who dedicated her life to her siblings and nieces, especially Barış. She is the only person in her life who cares most about her word, is most afraid of, loves her favorite however he says. She's the only woman who's become a half-mother after her mother's death. The most important thing for her is that Barış can build her house before herself is dead.

Şebnem Dilligil as Neşe Eğilmez

In fact, Nese Egilmez the mother of Arzu and Metin, is a woman in her 60s who protects, protects, and destroys. She managed to keep her children together after her beloved husband died, but whatever she did, she couldn't stop her headstrong little girl Aslı from because she was a taxi driver.

Alicia Kapudag as Arzu Eğilmez

Arzu, is Aslı's 27-year-old older sister, is not in a structure to deal with the difficulties she has had in her life, but she complains the most. She's in love with barbaros, the most unreliable in the neighborhood, but unfortunately Barbaros is a dreamer and has nothing to do with a real job. As much as she realizes she can't build her future with someone like Barbaros, she can't stay away from her either.

Berkay Tulumbacı as Barbaros Gürkan

Barbaros, a 28-year-old neighborhood boy, is a man of good words, a dreamer, a believer in his own lie, after easy money. Aslı's sister is in love with Arzu. Barbaros continues to say that he will soon do very good work, that they will not call money money, and that they will make a very good life with Arzu, but he is a little aware that there is no way out.

Seda Güven as Ilayda Taş

Ilayda, a former classmate, ex-lover and successful lawyer of Barış, is a woman who specializes in protecting the image rights of celebrities, has made a name for herself in commercial law, thus gaining a respectable place and earning very serious money. A woman of ambition, passion. He's extremely predatory and always ready for battle. At the top of all this planning, she has been wanting to marry Barış since university time.

Gozde Avalanche as Gül Gürkan 

Gul, is Barbaros' sister, is known as one of the sanest girls in the neighborhood, so unlike Barbaros, she is trustworthy. Aslı's best friend, the one with all her secrets.

Çiğdem Aygün as Sıdıka

Siddika, is Ilayda's right-hand man, squirmer, trouble partner, not only attracts all the whims of Ilayda, but also feeds them. In reality, he is insanely jealous of Ilayda and entices her life. He sees himself as the brains behind Ilayda. A woman as ambitious as Ilayda, even more ambitious than she is.

Aslı Samat as Şirin 

Sirin, who is the secretary of Peace, has owned and absorbed his work and Peace. Warm-blooded, kind-hearted, but against hypocrisy, against annienthious relationships, and distant. At work, he'll become Sida's enemy. The more he loves Peace, the more he's a sedina to Ilayda.

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