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Episode 1 Masumiyet (The Innocent): Trailer And Summary

The new 1st episode trailer of Masumiyet (The Innocent) has been released!. What happen in the episode on February 24th?

Masumiyet (The Innocent) series met its audience on FOX TV screens with its first episode. The series received a full score from the audience with episode 1, which dealt with the re-intersection of two families due to their children. The series, which airs on Wednesday evenings every week, stars Hülya Avşar, Mehmet Aslantuğ and Deniz Cakir. Those who want to watch 1st episode can access the 1st part (the first part) in one piece via the link in our sites.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) aired wednesday evening on FOX TV with episode 1. The screenplay of the series, which was acclaimed for its first episode, is written by Sırma Burn and directed by Ömür Atay. The actors of the innocence series include Hülya Avşar, Mehmet Aslantuğ, Deniz Çakır, Serkay Tütüncü, Ilayda Alishan, Deniz Isin and Selen Uçe. 

masumiyet episode 1
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Gold Film is the production of Tütüncü series, which has made a strong entrance into broadcasting life with the slogan "The truth leaves a mark!" and is produced by Faruk Turgut, with Ömür Atay in the director's chair, and the story and screenplay of Sırma Yanik.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 1 Trailer

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 1 Summary

The ordinary life of an ordinary mother changes overnight with her daughter being a victim of violence, and a on-the-go hunt begins in which right is wrong and truth is mixed into lies.

On the night of February 24, a young girl was thrown to the side of the road in Istanbul, thought to be dead. The young girl beaten to death is 19-year-old Ela Yüksel, whose birthday was that day. Ela's mother Bahar, who turned into the most painful day of her life, points to her well-known businessman Ilker Ilgaz. Ilker, who is in the target of the ancied mother, is about to sit at the wedding table with Irem, daughter of family friends Harun Orhun. 

As the difficult journey of the mother seeking justice for her daughter begins, another mother confronts Bahar; Ilker's mother, Hale Ilgaz, comes out. Irem's father, Harun, has to choose his side while he is between the two fires. With Bahar's accusations, Ela and Ilker's forbidden love in the shadow of lies and Irem is examined. The bloody love triangle that emerged from under the horrific violence will radically change the lives of all three families.

Watch the 1st episode of Masumiyet (The Innocent) is on air without interruption First Episode on FOX TV on the evening of February 24, 2021 ...Read Also All Episode of Masumiyet (The Innocent)

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