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Episode 11 Sol Yanım (My Left Side): Trailer And Summary

The new 11st episode trailer of Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has been released! In the last episode, Serra Asks Her Mother for An Account. What happen in the episode on February 10th?

In the trailer of Sol Yanım (My Left Side); Serra angrily comes home to her mother and asks her mother if she knows the Kutlusoy family. Serra goes mad when she learns that her mother has gone to Mr. Ihsan's office.  Nilgün, who was surprised that Ihsan came to her door, tells Ihsan that nothing can happen between them anymore. Here's the trailer for Episode 10...

The 10th episode of Star TV's Sol Yanım (My Left Side) has been released on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. The last trailer has been released! Asena's dirty game has been revealed! Sad end in great love... 

Shocking dirty secret has been revealed 

After a difficult night at Kutlusay Manor, It hurts Serra that Selim asks him innaied questions about The Biricik's watch. When Selim speaks to Nazlım and learns the truth, he asks Ali for an account and asks him to tell him what Asena has done. Nilgün, on the other hand, is deeply disturbed that her daughter has been indered as a thief. She'll go to the office to talk to Ihsan. Burak's father faces a lack of money when he is cut off from the financial means he offers. While Burak hides his condition from everyone, Serra overheard Burak talking to his father.

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Burak and Biricik argue about Serra. As Burak tells Biricik to accept Serra's defeat, he feels that he is slowly getting bored with these intrigues. Upon learning the truth, Selim is devastated by guilt. He tries hard to redeem himself to Serra and tries to calm his anger, but Serra cannot accept this insult against him.

What happen in the last episode?

Will Serra accept the scholarship offer? Will Asena be able to stay in the mansion? What's going to happen between Burak and Serra? Selim has a different life hiding from Serra? After an argument in the hotel room, Selim and Serra's paths reach the point of redesparing. Serra learns about her mother's past with Ihsan and asks her mother for accountability for keeping the secret from her. 

Knowing Burak's financial difficulties, Serra finds him a house in the neighborhood. Selim can't make sense of Burak and Serra's closeness. When there is a stand-in between him and Both Serra and Burak, the port where Selim took refuge is biricik. Barbar is concerned about the possibility of an accident after Burak's move into the neighborhood. Asena's pregnancy becomes the focus of controversy at home. Asena, who has been exposed for her games, is cornered. Ihsan does his best to meet Nilgün.

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 11 Trailer

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) Episode 11 Summary

Will Selim and Serra be able to resume their relationship? Is a new war starting between Selim and Burak? Will the one and only one let Selim be with Serra? Is Asena's pregnancy in jeopardy? 

Serra is surprised to see Selim side by side with Biricik at the club Burak takes her to. Biricik is unconditional love for Selim pushes Serra to question herself. Serra struggles to make Selim feel his love and steps boldly to win him back. 

The constant being of Burak around Serra drives Selim crazy and tells her to confront Burak and stay away from his lover. After Serra learns of the life she concealed, Selim regrets his actions and agrees to be treated for an anger management problem.

At Kutlusay Manor, the crisis grows. As the preparation for the divorce continues in full speed, Asena takes action to take over the hotel. What shocks the Kutlusay family is the police knocking on the door. The cops take Ihsan to the police station after a tip.' 

Sol Yanım (My Left Side) is on Star on Wednesday, February 3rd at 08 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Sol Yanım (My Left Side)

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