Episode 2 Masumiyet (The Innocent): Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Masumiyet (The Innocent) has been released!. Is Ela dying in the sequence? What happen in the episode on March 3rd?

Masumiyet (The Innocent) appeared before the audience with episode 1 of the innocence series. After the first episode, which screened on Wednesday evening, the eagerly awaited episode 2 trailer was also released. Ela's eyes were marked by the 2nd episode trailer, which included Hülya Avşar, Mehmet Aslantuğ and Deniz Cakir among its players.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) viewers began researching the episode 2 trailer after the first episode. While watching what happened between Ela and Ilker in the episode, the question 'Is Ela dying?' was curious. In the new episode trailer, Bahar says her daughter is not dead. At the end of the trailer, Ela is seen opening her eyes.

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What happen in the last episode?

The ordinary life of an ordinary mother changes overnight with her daughter being a victim of violence, and the hunt begins for a while in which the truth is mixed with false and the truth is in lies. One night in Istanbul, a young girl is found dumped on the side of the road, thought to have died. The young girl beaten to death is 19-year-old Ela Yüksel, whose birthday was that day.

Ela's mother Bahar, who turned into the most painful day of her life, points to her well-known businessman Ilker Ilgaz. Ilker, who is in the target of the ancied mother, is about to sit at the wedding table with Irem, daughter of family friends Harun Orhun. As the difficult journey of the mother seeking justice for her daughter begins, another mother confronts Bahar; Ilker's mother, Hale Ilgaz, comes out. Irem's father, Harun, has to choose his side while he is between the two fires.

With Bahar's accusations, Ela and Ilker's forbidden love in the shadow of lies and Irem is examined. The bloody love triangle that emerged from under the horrific violence will radically change the lives of all three families.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 2 Trailer

In the second episode of Innocence, Ilker is transferred to prison. İlker's father, İsmail Ilgaz, in the press release says, "I don't have a son named İlker Ilgaz." His mother, Hale says, "I am always with my son!" Bahar and Hale face off. Bahar told Hale, 'The culprit is your son. It's his crime to abuse a young girl as a child." Hale said, 'It's a very dangerous word, Miss Spring. But my son will be fine.'. At the end of the trailer, Ela is seen opening her eyes.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 2 Summary

The new process, which began with ilker Ilgaz's detention at his own wedding, reveals the mystery over forbidden love. As the covered-up truths and ignored lies slowly emerge, Bahar and Hale face off for their children. Hale, who does not return from the promise of 'My son does not do it', takes action to save Ilker's image and prevents Irem and Ilker from getting married in prison. 

Harun, who was mad when his daughter secretly married, has already chosen his side. Irem, despite his father's best efforts, is completely under the control of his mother-in-law. While Bahar waits for her daughter to leave intensive care seeking justice, she is also about to meet the reality of what unlimited power is like thanks to the Ilgazs. With Ela opening her eye, the breaths are held and the litigation process begins. Ilker's defense strategy is extremely brutal.

Masumiyet (The Innocence) is on FOX wednesday at 08 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Masumiyet (The Innocent)

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