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Episode 23 Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu: Trailer And Summary

The new 23rd episode trailer of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu has been released! What happen in the episode on March 1st?

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, which has been added to turkey's period series in recent years and has achieved significant viewership despite the short time in broadcast life, is taking its place on screens with its new episode. The production, which sheds light on history with its strong cast and script, will again be watched with interest. Has the new 23rd episode trailer of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu been released? Here are the details...

Diriliş Ertuğrul and Payitaht Abdülhamid, as well as many historical productions, appeared in front of the audience on TRT1, awakening: Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu was broadcast with its 22nd episode. Viewers of the series are also conducting many interrogations and investigations to re-watch for the production they supported from day one, or to watch if they missed it. 

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What happen in the last episode?

The secret crown issue that began with Tekish's arrival at the palace; Tapar, whose heart has been burning with his longing for the most years in the palace, was intrigued. Tapar then assigned a soldier to exhum the tomb of Basulu. Tapar's soldier was blocked before he could open Basulu's grave. This incident was told to Melikshah by Nizamülmülk, Melikshah and Tapar argued over this issue, and Melikshah left the army market factory by slapping Tapar. While all this was happening, Terken, who would hear about Tapar's tried to exhume Basulu's grave and therefore argued with Melikshah; Will he act to find out this dangerous secret that is even capable of opening up between father and son? 

After receiving news that Melikshah had left the army market, Markus during a raid there. Will Tapar, who was badly injured in Markus' raid, die? Melikshah, who was very harsh in his last conversation with his son and slapped him, will be nested with remorse. Will Melikshah, who has a fire of vengeance in his heart, take revenge on Markus? On the other hand, Tekiş, who caused many hand incidents as a result of the supposied seeds he scattered in the palace, will be expelled from the palace by Melikshah. The aim of Tekiş, who built his ota near Isfahan, is to dethrone Melikshah. What dirty ways will he try to achieve this ultimate goal? 

Will Izakyos, who wants to turn Melikshah and Tekish against each other and weaken the Seljuks, be able to achieve this goal? In addition to all this, Faisal managed to galley the merchants who were creditors from Iliteber in Şelemzar and tried but failed to corner Crane, who was roasted with a fresh father's pain in his heart. Faisal, who did not give up, showed His weight in Şelemzar and provoked Erbatur to revolt. Sencer punished Erbatur and established order in Şelemzar. What about Faisal and Sabbah's new plan?

Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu Episode 23 Trailer 

Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu Episode 23 Summary

Melikshah, who lured Markus into a trap by announcing the false knowledge that Kilicarslan was on his way to Anatolia, killed him and avenged Tapar. With Markus' death, the sacred spear was also in Seljuk hands. What will Izakyos do to get this lyn up from Melikshah, which is vital to Byzantium and is considered one of the holys of Christianity?

On the other hand, Melikshah's seizure of the holy ndler and the strings of the Crusaders who infiltrated his land increased his reputation in the Islamic world. What will Sabbah do to destroy Melikshah's rising dignity? What will be the bloody action that will bring Izakyos and Sabbah back together for this purpose?

Tekiş, who gradually opened up with Melikshah and reached an uncompromed point with him, will resort to any means that may result in dethroning Melikshah. Using the political and social turbulence of the state as an excuse, he will call on turkmen gentlemen, who are the founding elements of the Seljuk State and form the backbone, to unite against Melikshah. Will the Turkmen Gentlemen agree to rebel against Melikshah and join Tekish's ranks?

In Şelemzar, Western merchants moved to lead the people on their own superstitite path. Western physicians began to nest rapidly in Darşşifa. Sabbah, who wanted the activities to accelerate, had told Faisal to establish a Western Madrasa in Şelemzar. In Şelemzar, as the Westerners became increasingly stronger; Gazali, who was among the people, understood that the forbidden Westerners began to multiply in Şelemzar. What will Ghazali do to prevent western organization? Sabbah saw Ghazali in Şelemzar; What kind of action will he take against this Islamic world that does the greatest damage to their cause?

Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu 23rd episode trailer is curious. The last episode, which aired on TRT 1 on the evening of February 22. 2021. Read Also All Episode of Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu

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