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Episode 7 Son Yaz (The Last Summer): Trailer And Summary

The new 7th episode trailer of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) has been released! What happen in the episode on February 12nd?


The last 6th episode trailer is on the air for viewing. On Friday, February 5, the new episode, which airs on FOX TV, is curious. So, has the trailer for the new 7th episode of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) been released? Here are detail ...

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) 7th episode trailer watch link is being investigated. The series, which screens on Friday evenings, aired this evening with a new episode. Viewers began researching the last 7th episode trailer following the final episode. Has the new 7th episode trailer starring Ali Atay and Ata Nedim Arman been released?

son yaz episode 7
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What happen in the last episode?

Canan has learned Akgün's true identity and is very angry with Selim. Demanding that Selim and Akgün leave, Canan settles in the Emels with the children until they leave.

On the one hand, Selim is very nervous about Canan's re-action to get a divorce, and on the other hand, his operation failed. Selim goes after the drugs he raided to reverse the failed operation and asked for Akgün's help. Akgün, on the other hand, has to find out where Latif is with Soner's compression and prevent Selim from revealing what happened.

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) Episode 7 Trailer

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) Episode 7 Summary

Compressed to kill Latif, Akgün is looking for a way out to find blood in his hand, while Soner threatens Akgün through Yağmur. Selim, on the other hand, is everywhere looking for his fugitive witness Latif. Akgün must find a way in this lack of exit...  Akgün, who can no longer bear the pressure he is under, explodes at Selim, who has previously lied to him about his mother. What they learned in the argument between them captures Akgün from a place he never imagined.  On the other hand, although Canan and Selim tried to stand upright despite the pain of their separation, both sides were devastated. Will Canan's help with Selim's fugitive witness Latif be able to make things right between them? 

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) is on FOX friday, February 12 at 08 P.M. with a new 7th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Son Yaz (The Last Summer)

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