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Episode 9 Son Yaz (The Last Summer): Trailer And Summary

The new 9th episode trailer of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) has been released! What happen in the episode on February 26th?

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) series will be on FOX on Friday evening, February 26, 2021 with its 9th new episode. What's going to happen in the last episode which airs this week?

Son Yaz Plot Story

Idealistic Public Prosecutor Selim Kara receives an offer he cannot refuse from Seljuk Tashkin, the organised crime leader he sent to prison 8 years ago. Selçuk Taşkın wants to testify in the trial of Prosecutor Selim Kara, which will bring down the entire criminal organization. However, there is only one condition for this; his son Akgün Gökalp Taşkın is the bodyguard of Selim Kara .....

For Akgün, an emotional young man who grew up in the criminal world, behind his dangerous and troubled appearance, this is a difficult situation to accept.  Life testes Selim from a place he did not expect; His wife Canan, who lives with her children in Izmir, wants a divorce.

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Prosecutor Kara, who is between his family and his work, is comed to take Akgün, who he considers a pain in the ass, to the Justice Site in Cesme, Izmir. The arrival of Selim's unexpected guest Akgün will upset all the balances of the residents of the site; This wind, which started in the Aegean, will turn into a big storm that will change everyone's life. Here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) .....

What happen in the last episode?

Canan, who held himself responsible for the death of Selim's witness, has still not recovered from the impact of the incident. Selim tried to comfort Canan, but he was also badly affected. While worrying about rain, Akgün receives the news of her own father's death and she and Selim go to Istanbul to attend the funeral. Although Akgün said she would not forgive her father, her death would make her very sad. 

However, this sadness will be replaced by a surprise. As Selim quickly pursues the mole on her return to the funeral, Akgün cannot bear the remorse of the lies she told Selim and decides to return to Istanbul for good. Yagmur does not want to accept Akgün's decision. Akgün, on the other hand, is unaware that Selim is on her way to the trap she prepared for the mole when he went after the last account to be seen before returning to Istanbul.

Son Yaz Episode 9 Trailer

Son Yaz Episode 9 Summary

After learning of Akgün's betrayal, Selim decides to make Akgün's life a living hell. Even if he can't arrest him for moles, he'll take him to court without wounding. However, Selim has been removed from office and should do so through another prosecutor. When Akgün goes to trial, no one expects it.

Akgün is now waiting for a different way. However, Akgün is not willing to leave without paying the prosecutor her debt of conscience. It is a debt of honor for Akgün to cleanse Selim Kara's reputation, to expose the conspiracy against her. Of course, she has to do it without being seen by Selim, who hates her. Canan, on the other hand, is aware of her husband's condition. It's Canan's turn to take care of Selim.

While Akgün struggles to solve the conspiracy against Selim, her paths will cross with Yagmur, who wants to solve what happened to her father in her own way. Yagmur will have to make a difficult decision. She will either choose Akgün's path and save her father's profession, or she will oppose this illegal act.

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) series will be on FOX on Friday, February, 26, 2021 with its 8th new episode. Read Also All Episode of Son Yaz (The Last Summer)

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