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Who are the cast of Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne (What is Fatmagül's Fault?), What the plot Story? Where was it filmed?

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne (What is Fatmagül's Fault?) is back in front of its audience on Kanal D screens today. The series starring Beren Saat and Engin Akyürek, is in our news...

Who are the player of Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? What is the synopsis? The questions became a matter of curiosity. In 2012, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne (What is Fatmagül's Fault?), the first episode of which aired on Kanal D screens, was among the most important in what period.

The series, produced by Ay Yapim, tells the story of Fatmagül, who was raped by four men and had to marry one of the rapists, and Kerim, who had to marry her. When Fatmagül later learned that Kerim had not raped her, love began to form between them.  The series is based on Vedat Türkali's screenplay for the film of the same name, which was translated in 1986. The 1986 film was directed by Süreyya Duru and starred Hülya Avşar and Aytaç Arman. The screenplay of the series is written by Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu, directed by Hilal Saral.

Synopsis of Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne

Fatmagül lives in a seaside town with her overly naïve older brother Rahmi and her sister-in-law Mukaddes, who had to marry him. She is counting down the days to marry her fiancé Mustafa, who has just returned from the army...

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne Synopsis
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Childhood sweetheart Mustafa. While Mustafa was playing with his friends, Fatmagül collected his fleeing marbles, lined up his kukas, and sewed her pants with her little hands before he went home so her mother wouldn't see her tearing her pants off. Fatmagül was also quiet as a child, everyone is accustomed to her silence...

Mustafa can't help touching her, he builds the house where they will sit together, raise their children with their own hands. Fatmagül, who has nothing of her own until now, is patiently preparing for a life of her own while helping Mustafa...

Kerim is from a nearby town. His father left his mother for another woman when he was very young. Unable to accept the situation, he was left alone by the suicide of his mother. Kerim, who was claimed by the local healer Midwife Granny, had known him as both mother and sister. Midwife Granny was not only named after his mother... He owns a large land by the sea, now a site, owned by his mother during the mubadele years. Reşat Yaşaran, one of the richest people in the resort, has his eye on the land of Midwife Granny. 

Reşat Yaşaran, who owns a large contracting company in Istanbul that is partnered with his brother Rifat, seized the valuable land of the town with all kinds of games and could not get a tooth into The Midwife Granny alone. Kerim works in an iron workshop. He understands fishing by the sea. In the summers, he observed the paths of his first schoolmates Selim, Erdogan and Vural, who had no class difference as children, but where distances were felt even if they did not speak as they grew up. 

Selim is the son of Reşat Yaşaran, Erdogan is his cousin. The son of the deed cadastral manager of vural resort. Kerim's life within the boundaries of the town is colored every summer when they come for a few weeks for a holiday. This summer, the colors dark with four shadows that have collapsed on Fatmagül.

On the night that Selim is engaged to his father's pressure, the path of four friends who drink until morning crosses with Fatmagül, who left the house to see his fiancée off to the sea. On the cliffs of Kuytu, the chase, which begins with a joke, will be the source of a lifetime of shame that will follow them.

Mustafa set his whole past and future on fire with the 'smearing' of his fiancée, who he cannot help touching. He burns down the house he made with his own hands. Reşat Yaşaran, who rolled up his sleeves so that the incident involving his son and nephew would not be revealed, buys Fatmagül's sister-in-law with the efforts of his wife's brother Münir. Kerim falls for the pressures and great shame of the Yaşarans and is forced to marry Fatmagül.

Not only her body, but also his life was raped by Kerim. Fatmagül is condemned. They start with hate, the new lives that others offer them. The traces of that morning, which turns their lives into a nightmare that will never end, are the biggest obstacle to the love that begins to sprout, as they try to cling to life and turn their lives into a nightmare that will never end.

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne Filming Location

Filming of the series began first in Cesme and then continued in Istanbul.

Cast of Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne

Beren Saat as Fatmagül Ketenci Ilgaz

Engin Akyürek as Kerim Ilgaz

Sumru Yavrucuk as Meryem Aksoy (Ebe Nine)

Musa Uzunlar as Reşat Yaşaran

Civan Canova as Kadir Pakalın

Serdar Gökhan as Fahrettin Ilgaz

Fırat Çelik as Mustafa Nalçalı

Murat Daltaban as Münir Telci

Buğra Gülsoy as Vural Namlı

Kaan Taşaner as Erdoğan Yaşaran

Engin Öztürk as Selim Yaşaran

Deniz Türkali as Perihan Yaşaran

Seda Güven as Meltem Alagöz Yaşaran

Esra Dermancıoğlu as Mukaddes Ketenci

Bülent Seyran as Rahmi Ketenci

Veda Yurtsever İpek as Ender Alagöz

Aziz Sarvan as Turaner Alagöz

Mehmet Uslu as Rıfat Yaşaran

Servet Pandur as Leman Namlı

Zühtü Erkan as Şemsi Namlı

Sacide Taşaner as Halide Nalçalı

Toygun Ateş as Emin Nalçalı

Deniz Baytaş as Hilmiye Yaşaran

Alper Saylik as Samin

Sevtap Özaltun as Asude (Hacer Ovacık)

Alper Kut as Ömer Akari

Emre Yetim as Emre

Gözde Kocaoğlu as Deniz

Nilay Kaya as Gaye

Clare Frost as Kristen Norton

Ata Yılmaz Önal as Murat Ketenci

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