Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı' Episode 8: Trailer And Summary

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The new 8th episode trailer of Maraşlı (Marashli) has been released! What happen in the episode on March 1st?

A new episode trailer for Marashli has been released. In the trailer released; Marashli brings Zelish to the hospital in his arms. Marashli waiting at the hospital door is desperate.  Mahur is with Marashli, but he wants Marashli to promise not to pursue Savas. Marashli, on the other hand, cannot make this promise and faces war. Here is the trailer for the 8th episode of Marashli...

In the last episode, Savas kidnaps Mahur, locks her in a dungeon-like room. He treats Mahur very badly. For the first time, Mahur is close to death. Mahur says he's dead. The war is from Aziz; If he doesn't want Mahur to know the truth about his family, he wants him to kill Marashli. War, playing all his cards, also threatens Ozan.

Mahur also invites Zelish to the bazaar organized by his friend Betül. This invitation is dangerous to Marashli, but it cannot break Mahur. Marashlı, who had a pleasant time at the bazaar, is overshadowed by the happiness of Mahur and especially Zelish. Here is 8th episode summary of Maraşlı. 

marasli episode 8
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What happen in the last episode?

Marashli and Mahur take Zelish to the hospital. Marashli is sure that Savas did this treason and swore to kill him. Mahur blames herself for what Zelish went through. Zelish no longer communicates with Marashli. Marashli man is devastated. How will Marashli avenge Savas?

Ilhan and Ozan will go to meet with Savas and Savas will tell about the new works it will do. Ilhan opposes it, but he's exhausted. He'll make a decision and go to Ozan's house. What will be the danger that awaits Ilhan in Ozan's house?

Nevzat found one of the masked men of Savas. By torturing the man, he'll make him believe that Savas did it. Marashli sends a note to Savas after he arrives alone with his man at the address. What will happen in the great confrontation of Marashli and Savas?

Mahur, Necati and Ilhan see Omar's photo as they look at old photo albums. Necati gives Mahur an important information about Omar. Mahur and Marashli go after this information. The truth that Marashli and Mahur have learned will have a bombshell effect for both marashli and the Türel family!

Maraşlı (Marashli) Episode 8 Trailer

Maraşlı (Marashli) Episode 8 Summary: Mahur at the crossroads

Savas is hospitalized with deep burns to the face. Savas, who is very exhausted and sick, has a nervous breakdown. When he wakes up, his first order is, "Find Marashli." How will Savas avenge Marashli? Will Marashli, who was questioned by Hilal and Kemal and warned not to fall for his emotions, make changes to his plan? Zelish, who doesn't look at her father's face, is very close to Mahur. As sincere as Mahur is to Marashli, Marashli stays away from her. With Zelish discharged, Mahur goes to Marashli's house. 

Mahur, who begins to suspect Marashli, tries to find evidence by searching the house. What kind of deeds will Mahur encounter in Maraşlı's house? Will he know the truth? Necati, who has a nervous breakdown, confronts his father Aziz for the first time. In this confrontation, the dark secrets of the past begin to surface. What role did Necati play in the events of the Triangle of Aziz, Sedef and Omar? Mahur, whose trust in Marashli has been shaken, tells him that he has been fired from his protection post. Mahur decides to go abroad. Will Marashli, who decided to go to the airport to stop Mahur, be able to dissuade Mahur from her decision?

Maraşlı (Marashlı) with the new 8th episode, meeting his audience tonight on ATV. Read Also All Episode of Maraşlı (Marashli)

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