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Turkish Drama Zemheri Cast List Of Characters (All Cast)

Who are the cast of Turkish Drama 'Zemheri'? What are Their Characters? 


Zemheri series will be on Show TV screens with its first episode on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. The director of the new series of Ay Yapim was Hilal Saral, who also directed the series Kurt Seyit Ve Şura and Kara Sevda, while Sema Ergenekon was the screenwriter of the series. Here are the Zemheri players


Where Zemheri Filming Location

Zemheri series producer Ay Yapim will shoot the new series in Istanbul in general.

Zemheri Series Plot Story

Firuze's father is a master of construction. Firuze's father is the only culprit in an elevator accident that killed thirteen people and is about to receive a severe sentence. Firuze was also tasked with saving her wrongfully accused father. On her way to save her father; Firuze encounters Ayaz. Ayaz blamed the elevator accident on Firuze's father, but Firuze doesn't know about it.

When Firuze and Ayaz were two beautiful-hearted teenagers, fate united them and lowered the fire of love into their hearts. Now fate has separated them again. Ayaz had to sacrifice Firuze for his mother, and two crazy lovers broke up.

Ayaz, who bears the responsibility of being the man of the house on his shoulders, sees Firuze, who he sacrificed for his mother and still cannot forget, just as he is about to marry someone else. Firuze doesn't know that some goodbyes are not out of love, but out of desperation. Ayaz doesn't know how many times a love is sacrificed?

We will announce on this page when new cast members are included in the zemheri series cast. The director of Zemheri, the new series project that Ay Yapim is preparing with great secrecy, has been announced, and Zemheri series, which is to be on the air in January 2020, will be in front of its audience on Show TV screens on Wednesday evenings.  Zemheri is expected to focus on drama and romance, while the series is said to tell the story of a beautiful and attractive girl named Firuze.

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Zemheri Series Cast And Character

Ayça Ayşin Turan as Firuze

Ayça Ayşin Turan  born on October 25, 1992 in Istanbul, she graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Radio and Television. Ayça Ayşin Turan, who is now 27 years old, received her acting education from the famous actress Gazanfer Özcan. Ayça Ayşin Turan had her first screen experience with the 2011 series Listen Svevgili. Ayça Ayşin Turan, who is only 19 years old, has attracted attention with her beauty. Ayça Ayşin Turan became famous and recognized with karagül, the legend of an era.


Firuze is the beautiful 26-year-old daughter of a construction worker father. Firuze, who came to the last year of her architecture education, helped his father by studying and working in the livelihood of the house. She is very much connected to her father and her brother Elvan. Firuze's brother and mother don't get along; Because Firuze is a just girl and she doesn't like injustice. While ayaz and I have a good relationship, one day Ayaz will be out of his life without saying anything. Therefore, Firuze has no confidence in men. An elevator accident in which his father was found guilty would make Firuze's life even more difficult.


Alperen Duymaz as Ayaz

Alperen Duymaz is one of the staff names of Ay Yapim. Alperen Duymaz, who achieved success in every job he went out with Moon Production, last appeared as Kerem in The Collision series and Commissioner Emrah in The Pit. Alperen Duymaz was born on November 3, 1992 in ankara, the capital, and grew up in Ankara and graduated from Hacettepe University Conservatory department in Ankara. The young Star, who is now 27 years old, will also work with Moon Productions with zemheri series. 

Ayaz is a 27-year-old successful civil engineer. After his father died, ayaz was left to live on the house. He works as a general manager at Ayaz Demirkan Holding. He's very fond of his mother, he's made his own happiness and future for his mother. Even though she is engaged to the boss's brother Berrak Demirkan, she is still madly in love with Firuze. His greatest regret has always been Firuze. Ayaz, a hardworking and disciplined engineer, can't get along with Berrak's older brother Ertan. 

Hazal Filiz Kucukköse as Berrak Demirkan

Hazal Filiz Kucukköse recently raised allegations of treason and separated from his wife Tuan Tunalı. She was born on February 9, 1988 and is now 31 years old. Hazal Filiz Kucukköse, originally from Mersin, is 172 cm tall and has a physics that brings stones to mannequins. During his university years, he set his mind on becoming famous and enrolled in Ankara so that he could play in daily series, and while studying chemistry, he became really famous for daily series. 

Berrak Ayaz also owns a boutique. It blows Clear Ayaz's mind, but it can't get his heart out. Berrak is very fond of his brother Ertan. She's a desym pissed-ass girl who's going to do anything to get what she wants. She wants to marry Ayaz as a moment, but her mother, Iclal, disapproves of this marriage. Berrak have very extreme attitudes if he does not want to, he is quite stubborn.


Caner Cindoruk as Ertan Demirkan

Caner Cindoruk last appeared as Sarp in The Woman for 3 years between 2016 and 2019 and was very much loved. Caner Cindoruk is originally from Adana. He was born on April 2, 1980 and is now 39 years old. He graduated from Çukurova University Theatre Department. Caner Cindoruk, whose uncle acted, has been interested in theatre since childhood. 

Ertan Berrak's boss is Berrak's only brother. Ertan, who is 36 years old, is very fond of his brother Berrak. In the name of Ertan Berrak's happy, he constantly needs to keep Ayaz under control.  The torture he's seen from his father in the past has rained him down, ruthless and insppible. Ertan is a very smart and fearless man. The falling elevator fell in his construction. He blamed it on a worker. 

Zerrin Tekindor as Aliye

Zerrin Tekindor born in Balikesir in 1964, she is 55 years old. Zerrin Tekindor, who painted as well as acting and theater, married and separated from the famous actor Cetin Tekindor. The couple have a son, Hira. Zerrin Tekindır, who completed his theater education at Hacettepe University, was loved for his character Mademoiselle in Ask-i Memnu series. Finally, Zerrin Tekindor, who appeared before her audience as Leyla in Kara Sevda, last appeared as Tuna in Şahin Tepesi.


Aliye is the mothers of Firuze, Elvan and Farouk. Aliye, who married her husband Yasar lovingly, went after her love, not money, but poverty.

Aleyna Özgeçen as Elvan

Aleyna Özgeçen, who attracted attention with her character Bedriye in Gülperi series, is now included in the cast of Zemheri series. Aleyna Özgeçen, an active social media user, was born in 2003 and is 16 years old. In 2017, Aleyna Özgeçen, who starred in the series Seal of the Century, completed her acting trainings in front of the camera and was selected for Gülperi series with the success of Nuran Rich Management. 


Elvan is the sister of Firuze. She's a high school student. 

Lila Gürmen as İclal

Born in Ankara in 1966, Lila Gürmen graduated from French college.  Lila Gürmen, who appeared in the French series, last starred in the tv series Love and Pride in Turkey. Lila Gürmen last appeared in The Crying Mother and appeared as Nedret.

İclal is the mother of  Ertan Berrak and Mehveş. She was very interested in Berrak, but he couldn't cure her. His wife Demirkan is the founder of the conglomerate.

Hakan Taşkiran as Mete

Hakan Taşkiran was born in Istanbul in 1996. Hakan Taşkiran, a graduate of Okan University, last gave life to the youth of Kadir in the tv series Gülperi. Hakan Taşkiran, who is 67 kg tall at 6 feet tall, is only 23 years old and is a player with a future.

Mete is Ayaz's younger brother. He's a courier; He's a young man who's looking to get rich in a short way. He'll put Berrak after Ayaz.


Şebnem Dönz as Mehveş

Şebnem Dönz born on May 17, 1974 in Germany, she is 45 years old. When it comes to Şebnem Dönz, sude character comes to mind in the tv series Medcezir. Şebnem Dönz, who is also in the courtyard series, has been involved in many projects as a presenter recently. Şebnem Dönz lastly beed as a presenter in a New Me competition.

Mehveş is Ertan's sister. Mehveş, who is in his 40s, has never been as calm as his brother Ertan. He's excited; Especially With Berrak, both Mehveş is interested; He's also Ertan's right-hand man at the company, and he's the company's right-hand man. 


Müfit Kayacan as Yaşar

Müfit Kayacak, who opened his life in Antalya in 1959, is within 60 years of age... Müfit Kayacan, who studied undergraduate education in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Çukurova University, wanted to be an actor, not an engineer, and came to Istanbul to become an actor. 

Yasar and Firuze's father is Aliye's husband. He's a construction worker who never brings haram into his house. He works as the construction site chief of the power of attorney at the time of the elevator accident. He noticed the elevator disaster and wrote Ertan a petition containing the necessary information, but because Ertan was not interested in the petition, the elevator accident occurred and Yasar was found both crippled and responsible and imprisoned.

Nihal Koldaş as Safiye

Nihal Koldaş  born in Ankara in 1956, Nihal Koldaş is now 64 years old. Nihal Koldaş, who is in the film industry as both producer and director, entered television in 2013 with the series A.Ş.K. In 2017, Nihal Koldaş, who was much loved for his character Sırma in a sea story series, was a mother to Sarp and Mete especially with the character of Füsun, who he brought to life in the series Inside.

Safiye Ayaz are the mothers of Mete and Filiz. At the time, she suffered great violence from her husband and took her children and ran off to Istanbul.

Eylül Kandemir as Filiz

Eylül Kandemir has just completed her acting training and is a young actress candidate at 18. Firuze will be the new series of Moon Production, which will include Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alperen Duymaz in the first series cast.

She is the sister of Filiz, Mete and Ayaz and the only daughter of Safiye. She's young, she's beautiful, she wants to travel, but she has to live like a ghost because they're afraid her father will find them.

İlkin Tüfekçi as Şule

İlkin Tüfekçi was born in Istanbul in July 1987 and is 32 years old. He is known for his character Pelin Serter, who he brought to life in the love series Black Money. Ilkin Rifleman, who is 170 cm tall, is the daughter of a football player.

Şule is a close friend of Firuze. She is also an architecture student; Firuze's best friend is also a trouble partner.

Dilek Pehlivan as Su

Dilek Pehlivan is originally from Elazigli. She competed and showed himself on The Eye, which aired on TV8. The beautiful 27-year-old actress also took acting lessons from outside zoomarts studios and was born in 1993.

Buket Gülbeyaz as Birsel

Buket Gülbeya is a theater actor. He graduated from Bosphorus University, Department of Philosophy.

Sahara Şaş as Sevda

Sahara Şaş was last loved for her flower character in Our Story. She was later born in Istanbul in 1994 and is only 26 years old. Sahara Şaş, who is 1.65 m tall, weighs 54 kg. The beautiful actress, who started acting in 2013 with the film Tatar Ramadan, made her debut as Rüveyda in The Shepherd Star. 

Emir Çubukçu as Faruk

Emir Çubukçu last appeared as Ali in the tv series Gülperi and made a big debut. Born in Istanbul in 1990, Emir Çubukçu is 29 years old. The young actress, who graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, entered the sector with karadayi series and later starred in Tell Me To Love and Dream series.

Faruk is the brother of Firuze and Elvan. Faruk is an empty young man. Faruk is the apple of his mother's eye. His mother always outsmbered Faruk over his daughter. Faruk has only one goal: to marry the girl he loves and escape from Istanbul. Faruk has to find the money to marry his girlfriend; And for that, he's going to go into forbidden business and get into trouble.

Tugberk Hasan Sev

Tugberk Hasan Sev is a young psychologist. She will first experience acting with the series Zemheri. He is estimated to be around 25 years old.

Görkem Doğan

Görkem Doğan last appeared in the tv series Vatanim Sensin. Majesty Dogan is a theater actor. He has been on the theatre stage since 2013. He graduated from Haliç University Conservatory Theatre Department. Most recently, she appeared as Ali in Vatanim Sensin. 

Beste Yurtaydin

He is a theater artist of Beste Yurtaydin, who graduated from The Department of Theater at Eskisehir Anadolu University State Conservatory. She has previously been on Big Big Lies, Bottom, For My Daughters, Heartbeat. He will now appear in the tv series Zemheri.

Alya Sena Guler

The Zemheri series will be the first series for Alya Sena Guler. Child actress Layla Sirin has registered with The Agency.

Soydan Soydaş

Soydan Soydaş last starred in The Back Streets. Soydan Soydaş has previously brought kerem to life in Gemini Memocan. Born in Ankara in June 1974, Soydan Soydaş is 46 years old. Soydan Soydaş, who studied in the theater department at Selçuk University State Conservatory, began his career by bringing berk to life in the tv series Silver, but later appeared in the series Little Agha and The Battle of the Roses.

Ege Yordanlı

Leyla Shirin is an actress for the agency. It gives life to Mete's childhood.

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