Episode 13 Son Yaz (The Last Summer): Trailer And Summary

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The new 13rd episode trailer of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) has been released! What happen in the episode on March 26th?

Watch the trailer for Episode 12 of Son Yaz (The Last Summer)! After the exciting 12nd episode, fans of the series have now started their research for Episode 13. Has the trailer for Episode 12 of Last Summer been released? The question is being asked. In the last episode; The news that Akgün, who surrendered to herself, actually went down such a path to save her. 

Because of the evidence against her, it is certain that Akgün will go to prison, and there are reports spreading that she is the killer. With a sudden decision, Selim stops giving Akgün to the police and in the process will temporarily hide Akgün in her home and bring the real killer to justice. Here is 13rd episode trailer and episode summary of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) .....

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What happen in the last episode?

Selim's career is in great danger, and Akgün should not let anyone know that she is hiding here. Yagmur, on the other hand, only takes a few hours to realize that Akgün is hiding in the house opposite. The residents of the Justice Website are shocked and react when they find out who this child they lived with until very recently is, but Selim does not heed the criticism directed at him. Canan, on the other hand, becomes the target of relentless criticism when trying to calm people down.

While Selim was looking for a way to uncover the killer, Akgün had to flee her place when an anonymous tip to the police reported that Selim was hiding a suspect wanted by the police in his home. While someone he never expected helped Akgün escape, Akgün faces the fact that his next life will be spent in constant hiding. When Akgün despairs, he realizes that he has no choice but to take action to get out of this situation.

Son Yaz Episode 13 Trailer

Son Yaz Episode 13 Summary

Akgun has been exonerated. And now a new life begins for her. She promises Selim and Selçuk Taskin that she will not be involved in dirty work and decides to revive the place she and Soner and Eray share. She contacts a surprise artist she knows from Istanbul and convinces her to perform at her venues.

Yagmur is very happy that Akgün is out of trouble. She has little intention of taking seriously the warnings made by her father implicitly to stay away from Akgün. Akgün, on the other hand, knows that while she lives under the same roof as Selim, she knows that she cannot approach Yagmur, but she has difficulty controlling herself. When Akgun realizes that she cannot resist her love, she will have to make a serious decision.

Selim hides the details of his operation with Akgün and captures the suspected killer, Cemal. The gaps in Selim's story call into question his credibility, and as part of his ongoing investigation, a judge is assigned to investigate this case. Canan is sure that Selim is really in trouble this time and acts to stop it.

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) series will be on FOX on Friday, March 26, 2021 with its 13rd new episode. Read Also All Episode of Son Yaz (The Last Summer)

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