Girift (The Intricate) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is Girift (The Intricate) plot story? Who are the actor actresses? What Does 'Girift' Mean? Where's it being filmed? When the series will be released?

Filming of Girift (The Intricate) series, which will be broadcast for free on Kanal D Digital platforms, continues in full swing. The series, directed and produced by Haydar Işık and written by Emine Karataş and Özlem Bölbaşı, will soon meet with the followers. Here are all the details that are curious...

Synopsis of Girift (The Intricate)

The screenplay was written by Emine Karataş and Özlem Company head; In Girift (The Intricate), where homicide commissioners sent from Ankara to solve successive unsolved murders in Malatya will sometimes be trapped in a chain of events and sometimes face danger, minds will be challenged with the story of tension and drama.

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In the series, Wilma Elles will play Commissioner Aysa of the Ministry of Interior, accompanied by Umit Acar as Captain Vural. The new task of Vural, who is notorious for his achievements in the files he received, is to solve a serial killer case in Malatya. Who will survive and who will be tested with what in this story where everything is intertwined?

Where Girift (The Intricate) Filming Location?

Filming of the series Girift takes place in Malatya. The subject of the series is also set in Malatya.

What's Girift (The Intricate) thing?

Emine Karataş and Özlem Bölbaşı write the screenplay for the series Girift, directed and produced by Haydar Işık. In the series filmed in Malatya, Homicide Squad Commissioners are sent from Ankara to solve repeated unsolved murders in Malatya. The series will bring together danger, action, tension and drama.

What Does Girift Mean?

Girift word means the Intricate, or intertwined.

Cast of Girift (The Intricate)

Umit Acar as Captain Vural

Wilma Elles as Commissioner Asia

Ayberk Yilmaz as Araf

Özlem Bolukbasi as Yelda

Mazhar Selcuk Alaca as Commissioner Cantürk

Metidha Schaffer as Nur

Burhan Celik as Melih

Omer Konakçı

Shule Akan

Selahattin Tashdöðn

Ilker Şahinbas

Cahit Khashoggi

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