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Hülya Avşar Short Biography And Profile

Who is Hülya Avşar? How old is she? What the name of her husband?

Who is Hülya Avşar, the leading name in the magazine world? We have gathered for you the curiosities about Hülya Avşar, known as Avşar girl, about her personal life and career. Here are the details...

In 1963, Hülya Avşar was born in Balikesir Edremit, the first child of Jalal and Emral Avşar, and graduated from Ankara Republic High School. Hülya Avşar, who did not continue to study after completing her secondary education and married an engineering student named Mehmet Tecirli in 1979, but whose marriage was short-lived, decided to separate despite being pregnant when she was just 16 years old. Hülya Avşar, who is from Balikesir on her mother's side, has a father's side from Ardahan/Hasköy.

Hülya Avşar, who moved to Istanbul immediately after her divorce in 1981 and won first place in the Universe Beauty Contest organized by The Boulevard Newspaper in 1983, but was stripped of her crown the day after the competition, when her marriage and divorce with Tecirli were written in a newspaper, began to appear in various commercials.

In 1983, Hülya Avşar, who made her acting debut with the film "Haram" and later appeared in her second film Passion in 1984, starred in "Tele Girls", in which he played a girl who was swamped in 1985.

Hülya Avşar  profile
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Hülya Avşar's Career

After making films such as "Alamanci's Wife" and "A Broken Baby" in 1987, avşar was named "best actress" in the competition organized by the Film Writers Association in 1989 and starred in the films "Fazilet" and "Teacher Zeynep", and in 1990, with her role in "My Cinemas", which she shared with Yaman Okay. He received the Special Jury Award at the International Tehran Film Festival.

In "Hasan Drowned", which she translated in the same year, Avşar became the only Turkish female film artist to receive an award at a festival held abroad, receiving the "best actress" award at the International Moscow Film Festival for her role in the 1993 film "Berlin in Berlin", directed by Sinan Cetin and starring Cem Özer.

With this film, Hülya Avşar, who also won the Cinema Achievement Award from the Cultural Ministry and the "5th best film" award from the Film Writers Association and starred in the film "Anatomy of a Woman", which depicted the story of a woman who was not happy in marriage and love affairs with Mehmet Aslantuğ in 1995, received great acclaim in the 1999 film Salkım Hanım's Taneleri.

Hülya Avşar, who quickly climbed the steps of fame with his films but did not stop there, started to host programs and play theater after singing. Avşar entered the music life in the late 1980s and took his place on the stage as an assolist. Avşar, who gave domestic and international concerts after studying music, released his album All In Love in 1988, and in 1990, Avşar, who signed albums such as Hülya In 1991, Friend or Foe in 1993, Yara Saklım in 1995, Life Like This in 1999, I Loved It in 2000 and In 2002, avşar won the best female singer award at the music awards of the year organized by Kral TV in 2000. In the mixed album prepared in memory of Barış Manço, he read The Cruel Sultan.

In the early 1990s, after a year as a columnist for The Good Morning Newspaper, he switched to television and in 1993, after starring in The Power of Love, in 1995 he starred in Superstar, in 1998, in 2000, in The Defense. In 2004, Avşar appeared in Emerald and Women's If She Wants, and in addition to 2006's Women's Severse, she also guest starred in The Anatolian Tiger.

Directed by Birkan Uz and Ugur Aksay and broadcast by Medyapım in talk show format, Hülya Avşar Show is a show program implemented by Ugur Aksay for the first time in Turkey and shot with digital direction in 16/9 mm cinematographic format.

Hülya Avşar, who started to publish his self-titled Hülya Magazine in December 2000 after his music, cinema and television work and had his first theatrical experience in 2002 in his one-man play "Today Is My Birthday", published his first book "Blue Reflection" electronically in April 2003.

Hülya Avşar, who devotes her time mainly to tennis from sports and has a great interest in foundations and associations, ranked first in Agency Press's research on 953 national, regional and local publications, which examined the first 5 months of 2005, with 1940 news about him.

Ac Nielsen's question "The artist you believe to be a brand" was answered by 40 percent of respondents. Half of the public believed that he was not a branded artist, while the other half chose Hülya Avşar as the 'most branded artist'. Avşar ranked first with 15.8 percent.

In addition to her films, series and singing, Hülya Avşar, who made a name for herself with her relationships with the likes of tanhu Çolak, Coskun Sabah, Osman Hattat, Mehmet Aşıcioglu, married businessman Kaya Cilingiroglu in August 1997, when she was three months pregnant, after Mehmet Tecirli.

In 2005, Kadikoy 3. At the end of the hearing at the Family Court, which lasted about an hour, Hülya Avşar, who divorced in a single hearing on the grounds that "the family unit was shaken by severe incompatibility", had a daughter named Zahra, born in 1998, who was given custody of Avşar after the separation.

After divorce with Cilingiroglu, she was with businessman Sadettin Soran between 2006 and 2010. In 2009 - 2012, he was a jury in the "Talent You Are Turkey" competition. Hülya Avşar appeared in advertisements for Odea Bank, the newly established bank, in 2013.


1983 - Kahır

1983 - Haram

1983 - Çelik Mezar

1984 - Karanfilli Naciye

1984 - Tutku

1984 - Ömrümün Tek Gecesi

1984 - Yabancı

1984 - Kaptan

1984 - Güneş Doğarken

1984 - Ayşem

1984 - Nefret

1985 - Tele Kızlar

1985 - Ölüm Yolu

1985 - Mavi Mavi

1985 - Sekreter

1985 - Tapılacak Kadın

1985 - Suçlu Gençlik

1985 - Paranın Esiri

1986 - Uzun Bir Gece

1986 - Dağlı Güvercin

1986 - Üç Halka 25

1986 - Kısrak

1986 - Aşk Hikayemiz

1986 - Alın Yazım

1986 - Sevda Ateşi

1986 - Mavi Melek

1987 - Yarın Yarın

1987 - Bir Kırık Bebek

1987 - Çil Horoz

1987 - Geri Dön

1987 - Alamancının Karısı

1987 - Ziyaret

1988 - Aşıksın

1988 - Hülya

1988 - Melodram

1989 - Öğretmen Zeynep

1989 - Fotoğraflar

1989 - Fazilet

1990 - Benim Sinemalarım

1993 - Hasan Boğuldu

1993 - Berlin in Berlin

1995 - Bir Kadının Anatomisi

1999 - Salkım Hanımın Taneleri

2002 - Yeşil Işık

2004 - Kalbin Zamanı

2005 - İki Genç Kız

2005 - Hababam Sınıfı Askerde

2007 - Bir İhtimal Daha Var

2011 - 8 Ülke 8 Yönetmen ve Sinan

2011 - 72. Koğuş


1982 - İntibah (plar a role as Dilaşup)

1995 - Sevginin Gücü

1999 - Ah Bir Zengin Olsam

2001 - Savunma

2004 - Zümrüt

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