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Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What's the Plot Story of Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) Series? Who are in the cast? Where the series will air?

News is starting to come in from the series Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast), which will be broadcast on Exxen. It has been confirmed that berguzar Korel will star in the series. With this news, users began to search for the subject of the series. So what's the synopsis of Kanlı Yayın? Who are the cast of Kanlı Yayın? Details are in the news...

Exxen, the domestic Turkish digital content platform that has started broadcasting in recent weeks, is coming up with new series. Along with many news of the series, the cast of the series is also announced. The latest series news is Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast), starring Berguzar Korel.

The new series, which is expected to air in the coming days, has become one of the topics that internet users are curious about. In Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) series, the mystery of the death of a student named Leila will be opened. The bloody broadcast series will begin with the death of Leila. Let's see what happens next. Here is the synopsis and cast of Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) ,,,,

kanli yayin synospis

Synopsis of Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast)

News has started to come from the series Kanlı Yayın, which is scheduled to air on Exxen, which is owned by Acun Ilicalı. Bergüzar Korel was the first name announced in the cast. She is expected to play a policewoman in the series.

Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) is about the sudden death of a student named Leila. Produced by Saran Medya, the series is directed by Can Ulkay. The series will consist of ten episodes and air for a total of 3 seasons.

How many episodes the series will last?

Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) series will be broadcast on Exxen, owned by Acun Ilicalı. The series will last for 3 seasons. The series will soon be on set while work continues. We'll add it to the topic when the trailer. Would you consider watching the series?

Cast of Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast)

Can Ulkay is the director of Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) Series, produced by Saran Media. Berguzar Korel will star as the female lead as negotiations continue with the lead actors in the series. Berguzar Korel has been signed and negotiations with other players are ongoing. If the casting work is completed, the broadcast date of the Bloody broadcast series, which will start shooting, will be added to our topic when the release date becomes clear.

Berguzar Korel as Neslihan

Bergüzar Korel will play Neslihan in Kanlı Yayın (The Bloody Broadcast) series that will be broadcast on Exxen. Neslihan leyla will have a mother or a relative. She will fight to unraas the mystery of Leyla's death and find the culprit.

Bergüzar Korel was born in Istanbul in 1982. Bergüzar Korel, an actress whose beauty is legendary, married Halit Ergenc in 2009. Some of the films starring Bergüzar Korel, who has won many awards thanks to the series of films he has starred in; Kurtlar vadisi Irak, Aşk geliyorum demez, Karadayı, Vatanım sensin, Muhteşem yüzyıl, Bitmeyen şarkı, Binbir gece, Kırık hayatlar, Bir aşk iki hayat, and Azizler. Bergüzar Korel is currently starring with her husband Halit Ergenç in advertisements for a diamond brand.

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