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Serkay Tütüncü Short Biography And Profile

Who is Serkay Tütüncü? How many lovers does Serkay Tütüncü have? How old he is? How many serie has he played?  Here are the details... 

Fox's new series Masumiyet (The Innocence) received a lot of attention from the first episode. As well as the plot of the series, the cast is being investigated with interest. Who plays Hale Ilgaz's son Ilker Ilgaz in the series, what is his real name? In this series, Ilker Ilgaz is played by the young player Serkay Tutuncu. How old is Serkay Tutuncu, known for Survivor, does he have a girlfriend?

Masumiyet (The Innocence) began airing wednesday on FOX. From the very first episode, he made his difference with both the subject and the cast. In addition to the big names in the series, there are also young and successful names that we have just started to see on screen. One of them is Serkay Tutuncu, who became famous for Survivor and decided to become an actor, and Serkan Tutuncu plays Ilker Ilgaz, son of Hale Ilgaz. So who is Serkat Tobacconist, how old is he, what series did he play on? Does Serkay Tobacconist have a girlfriend? Who is she? 

serkay tutuncu biography
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The Plot Story of Masumiyet (The Innocence)

The ordinary life of an ordinary mother changes overnight when her daughter becomes a victim of violence, and a lasting hunt begins in which right is mixed with wrong and truth is mixed with lies. On the night of February 24th, a young girl was found dumped on the side of the road in Istanbul, presumed dead. 

The young girl who was beaten to death was 19-year-old Ela Yüksel, whose birthday was that day. Ela's mother Bahar, whose daughter's birthday turned into the most painful day of her life, points to ilker Ilgaz, a well-known businessman. Ilker, who is the target of the grieving mother, is about to sit at the wedding table with Irem, daughter of family friend Harun Orhun. 

As the difficult journey of the mother who wants justice for her daughter begins, another mother confronts Bahar; Ilker's mother, Hale Ilgaz, comes out. Irem's father, Harun, has to choose his side when he is caught between two fires. With Bahar's accusations, Ela and Ilker's forbidden love in the shadow of lies and Irem is put under scrutiny. The bloody love triangle that emerged from the horrific violence will radically change the lives of all three families. Read Also All Episode of Masumiyet (The Innocence)

What the character of Ilker Ilgaz?

Ilker Ilgaz is a narcissistic character who has not found his own identity between his authoritarian and perfectionist father and his mother, who has covered up all his mistakes, large and small, since childhood. His 35 years of life, crowned by personal achievements, spent in wealth, power and vanity, were turned upside down overnight, while his name, which until that day adorned the pages of society and economics, was the third. It's going to move to the page. 

Who is Serkay Tütüncü?

Serkay Tütüncü was born in Izmir on February 7, 1991. He graduated from Celal Bayar University School of Physical Education, School of Sports. In 2016, he entered survivor competition. He competed on the volunteer team. After Survivor ended, he also stepped into acting. In 2016, he hosted TV 8's Money Me. In 2018, she started acting with the series 'Insanlik Sucu (Crime of Humanity)'. In 2019, he play a role Volkan in Afili Aşk and in 2020 he played Ozan in Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong).

Serkay Tütüncü, who gave life to the character of Volkan in The Afili Love series, which is now broadcast on Kanal D screens, is 1.78 meters tall, 76 kilos and his zodiac is Aquarius. Here are the seris that he has played.

2022 – Kusursuz Kiracı (Perfect Tenant) play as Yakup Ortac [TV series] 

2021 – Masumiyet (The Innocence) play as Ilker Ilgaz [TV series] 

2020 – Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) play as Ozan Dinçer [TV series]

2019 – Afili Aşk (Love For Rent) Play as Volkan Çekerek [TV series]

2018 – İnsanlık Suçu (Crimes against Humanity) play as Gökhan [TV series]

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