Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs Episode 4: Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episode trailer of Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs (Once Upon a Time in Cyprus) has been released! Watch the trailer here ...

Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs has released a new episode trailer, starring Ahmet Kural, Serkan Çayoglu and Pelin Karahan. The new 4th episode released on TRT 1 as of Thursday, April 22 at 8 P.M.

Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs, one of the most popular series of TRT1 screens, was adapted from real stories. The series, which feels like a journey into history, appeared in episode 3. The persecution and massacre of Turks by the EOKA, the organization on the island, is revealed. Here's the trailer for the new 4th  episode of Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs (Once Upon a Time in Cyprus)

Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs episiode 4
Image Via @TRT1

What happen in the last episode?

Kemal, who thought his daughter and his wife had been murdered, now has only one goal: to get his father, whose situation is getting worse, and his increasingly diminished migration caravan to the tent city set up by Ankarali. Kemal decides to sacrifice himself to get them through the checkpoint. But there's someone who realizes that. 

Ankaralı embarks on a suicide mission to transport the bodies of the wounded and Major Nihat's family to Turkey; He will single-by-himself raid the British high commissioner's posts on the island, using his great leverage over turkey's aid plane to pick up and take off the wounded. The source of this leverage is the Soviet Union. We will watch Ankarali as an Azeri Turk during his time in the Soviet Union. Inci and Müge were walking out of the prison for the first time; Ankaralı's fiancée Ayse is on the verge of a great madness for her love.

Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs Episode 4 Trailer 

Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs Episode 4 Summary

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The new episode of Once Upon a Time Cyprus, which was widely watched on TRT 1 screens, is with you on Thursday, April 22nd at 20:00. Read Also All Episode of Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs

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