Episode 3 Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window): Trailer And Summary

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Watch the 3rd episode trailer of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) in full! In the end episode; The news of Sadat and Nalan's marriage is a bombshell! What happen in the episode on April 22nd?

The trailer for Episode 3 of the series of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window), which began on Kanal D screens on Thursday night, has been released. Starring Burcu Tekcik and Feyyaz Sharifoglu, the series managed to attract attention as of the first episode. In the end episode; Nalan, who is preparing for marriage, cannot escape the wrath of her mother. Although the couple's very exciting adventure begins after Sadat proposes, her mother, who undermined Nalan, will not leave her alone. 

The highly anticipated new Turkish Series for episode 3 trailer has been released. In the end episode, it the begining the marriage process between Sadat and Nalan. However, Nalan's mother Feride is pressures on her daughter will mark the night. Sadat's surprise for Nalan will be overshadowed by Feride. Here's the trailer and summary for the new 3rd episode of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window)!

Sadat and Nalan are mentioned!

After Sadat proposed, wedding preparations began. Nalan, who has dreams, is quite excited, but there is someone who is trying to undermine her excitement. Her mother, Feride, pressures Nalan not to tilt her face to the ground. Sadat's surprise for Nalan is overshadowed by Feride.

Camdaki Kiz Episode 3
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What happen in the end episode?

The news that Sedat Koroglu, Turkey's rich and handsome bachelor, is going to marry Nalan is a bombshell in the tabloids. Nalan and her family are invited to Koroglu's luxury farm to spend the weekend. As these two families, who will get to know each other for the first time, try to keep their dark secrets from each other, Nalan suddenly finds herself in a test prepared by Rafet Koroglu.

Nalan and Sadat wear their promise rings in a simple ceremony attended by families. Unable to digest the Koroglu family, Feride's tension increases on the way to a rapidly entered marriage. Feride, who tries to keep Nalan away from Sadat to protect her until she is married, receives an unexpected visitor from the past... The great secret that Adil and Feride have kept to this day has reappeared in their lives like a dark shadow.  

Nalan is like a fairy tale. Will Nalan, who was invited by Sadat to his private apartment, which he keeps from everyone, be able to stand by his love in the face of what he has learned about Sadat? Or will this love story end before it even begins?

Camdaki Kız Episode 3 Trailer

Camdaki Kız Episode 3 Summary

The photos taken by a tabloid will cost Sadat dearly! 

Nalan, who can't understand what she sees in Sadat's private apartment, can't share her experiences with anyone. Feeling something was wrong, Feride goes crazy and increases the pressure on Nalan. Worried that Nalan will tell someone about his secret apartment, Sadat meets Cana. Cana will talk to Nalan and tell her to fix the situation. However, the photographs taken by a tabloid at this meeting will cost Sadat dearly.

Sadat's photographs create a bomb in Koroglu's mansion. Will Selen be able to prevent the photos from being printed without Nalan and her family seeing them? Sadat talks to Nalan and tells her that what she saw in the private apartment was not him. Nalan has confidence in Sadat again and is happy to marry the man she loves. 

Unaware of the impending disaster, Sadat is relieved to have solved this problem. But no secret stays hidden forever. The photos create a bombshell at the Koroglu mansion. Will Selen be able to prevent the photos from being printed without Nalan and his family seeing them?

Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window) Episode 3 on Kanal D on Thursday, April 22,2021 at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Camdaki Kız (The Girl in the Window)

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