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Episode 3 Kağıt Ev (Paper House): Trailer And Summary

The trailer for Episode 3 of Kağıt Ev (Paper House) series has been released. What will happen in the first episode, which airs this week? The series is at the Star Tv on Monday, May 3, 2021...

Kağıt Ev (Paper House) series, which reached a wide fan base with its first episode, is set to hit screens this week with its second episode. After the tense events of the first episode, the viewer wonders what will happen in the new episode. Posted in episode 3. The audience's excitement was exacerbated by the new trailer for the episode. Here's what you need to know about the new episode of the show and the trailer for the new episode!

Viewers who have admired the show since the first episode, what will happen in the new episode of Kağıt Ev (Paper House)? He's researching the trailer for the show with his question. The new trailer for the 3rd episode has been released. The events that occurred in the new episode doubled the audience's excitement. Cemre 's murder has confused the whole Firtina family. After his parents were declared suspects, the scenes of Cemre's arrest shocked the audience. 

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What happen in the last episode?

Cihan and Aylin, who are in a great nightmare with their daughter's horrific murder, fall into a much bigger predicament as they try to cover up their son's crime. Every lie breeds new lies, every mistake breeds new mistakes. The biggest tension of their marriage is between Aylin, who thinks that her ex husband's assistants are having an affair with her daughter Inci, and Cihan, who is trying to save her family from this abyss. Their nests, which they saw as castles, began to crackle with insecurity. Cihan's real fling is Azra, and his relationship with Inci gets in his way, leaving him in a very difficult position.

Inci's mother fights with her husband and leaves the house and begins to live with Firtina family. This poses a much greater danger to Aylin and Cihan. Especially with the eerie attitude of Cemre, whose recklessness is not obvious.  Trying to protect his daughter with great unease, Aylin's secret from her past raises questions about the motive for the murder. Unaware of the storm in the house and worried about his lover, Mert tells his mother that he and Inci are lovers. Aylin's reaction would be huge. Or is Cihan in love with his son's lover?

Kağıt Ev Episode 3 Trailer 

Kağıt Ev Episode 3 Summary

Aylin is shocked when she learns that Inci, whose daughter Cemre killed her horribly, is the lover of her son Mert. However, Aylin's doubts are not true. But it would not be easy for Cihan to convince his wife. Firtina is in much greater danger. If the truth comes out that their son is Inci's lover, Mert, who knows nothing, could be charged with murder. The only way is to remove Inci's lifeless body from the garden and move it to a place where they can make it look like suicide. However, implementing this decision will not be easy. Aylin and Cihan are a little more deadlocked in their own swamps every step of the way. Cihan moves to gain the trust of his wife and save his family from the predicum they have fallen into. 

Every word of Gulsüm's behavior turns into remorse for Aylin and Cihan. Unable to make sense of her daughter's behavior, Aylin begins to investigate the dark secrets of her own past. Perhaps these dark secrets from the past that Aylin wanted to forget formed the basis of what is happening today. Aylin makes a visit years later, even if she doesn't want to. With this visit, Aylin also realizes the terrible truth. Maybe Cemre killed Inci because of him.

New Turkish Series Kağıt Ev (Paper House) Episode 2 released on Monday Night May 4,2021 on The Star Tv Channel! Read Also All Episode of Kağıt Ev (Paper House)

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