Episode 30 Arıza (The Fault): Trailer And Summary

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The new 30th episode trailer of Arıza (The Fault) has been released! In the last episode; Ali Reza took revenge on Balaban, and it was Burak's turn. What happen in the episode on April 12nd?

Arıza (The Fault) new episode trailer has been released. In the trailer released; Halide and Ali Reza sit on a bench and Halide says, "If all this was over, if it had never happened, if we had never been hurt?" and Ali Riza comforted Halide by saying, "We will start from the beginning." When Ali told Reza that Burak was very strong and that he could not manage to be against him alone, Ali Reza had already made his plan and then acted. 

When Hashem asks Murat about the past, Murat attempts something that is not in the account. Rukiye, on the other hand, gathers his courage and explains the truth to Ali Reza. The old man strengthens Burak's power by making a surprise decision after what Ali Reza told him. Balaban is unaware of what will happen to him as he contemplates preparing the end of Hashem and Ali Reza thanks to his new plan. Here is 30th episode trailer and episode summary of Arıza (The Fault) ....

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What happen in the last episode?

Burak is desperate to get the power to stay with the old man who has a few days left, and on the other hand, he plans to finish ali reza and hashmet. It leaves Halide with a dilemma that requires him to choose between his father and Ali Reza.

Ali Reza and Hashem, on the other hand, are the way to prevent Burak's power; They decide it's about pulling people down the street and they take action. Ali Reza goes after number 7, which is mentioned in the notebook left by his father and is one of the shadows, but he does not need to call far away because number 7 is no stranger to Ali Reza...

Arıza (The Fault) Episode 30 Trailer 

Arıza (The Fault) Episode 30 Summary

Ali Reza has faced Muzaffer, who he has known as a friend all this time. Burak, on the other hand, is disappointed not to have the power he dreamed of because of the raid they suffered. In addition to the losses they suffered, his companion Fiko was also seriously injured in this raid. Burak and Muzaffer find a way to trace the money stolen from the warehouse.

While Hashem and Ali Reza are planning to end this war once and for all, Halide worries that something will happen to them. Moreover, Halide has a very important story to tell Ali Reza. As the weapons are armed for this last battle, Ali Reza will learn that he has another reason to live.

Arıza (The Fault) is on Show TV sunday night at 09 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Turkish Drama 'Ariza'

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