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Episode 8 Masumiyet (The Innocent): Trailer And Summary

The new 8th episode trailer of Masumiyet (The Innocent) has been released! In the last episode; Hale makes the Meeting of Harun and Bahar part of a plan for her own goals. What happen in the episode on April 14th?

Who beat up Ela in the series Masumiyet (The Innocent)? which aired on FOX screens and attracted attention with its first episode? Starring Hülya Avşar and Deniz Cakir, Watch the alternative latest episode trailer! 

There will be surprise developments in Episode 8 of Masumiyet (The Innocent), which premieres wednesday, March 14, on FOX TV. The series, which is notable for its strong cast and storyline has become indispensable on Wednesday evenings, continues to be curious with new episodes. Things got messy with Ilker's divorce and the baby thing coming out. Ilker's weakness for Ela surprises the audience. What's going to happen in the new 8th episode, which will be released on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, is in the news. 

masumiyet episode 8

What happen in the last episode?

Hale makes the Meeting of Harun and Bahar part of a plan for her own goals, while Irem takes complete control of Hale. Timur, driven by Banu, becomes Hale's greatest weapon against Bahar. Unaware of the games being played on her, Bahar, who is after her daughter who has run away from home, realizes where Ela is going and acts. Ela finds Ilker in the old summer house where she took refuge when she least expects it.  

As the great confrontation between them upsets Ela once again, Bahar's step changes the course of the confrontation. On the other hand, Irem is reluctant to divorce, but Ilker is after Ela with all his might. Irem is in question despite Hale's suggestions about her marriage, and only Ela has the answer to her questions. While everything seems to be going well on Ilgaz front, Harun has hidden agendas that will change the balance.  

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 8 Trailer

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 8 Summary

Harun realizes that they are trapped and tries to take precautions, but Bahar is unimaginably deceived by Timur and loses confidence in Harun. The cruel trap they fall into is a terrible slander in court. Bahar is accused of selling out her daughter's case and ripped the curtain off her eyes with this horrific accusation. She presses the button both to divorce Timur and to override Ela's statement exonerated Ilker. Bahar's decision to put Ela on the psychiatric committee confuses Ilgaz front. 

On the other hand, unable to stomach the situation in which her mother was dropped, Ela takes a radical step to help Bahar, which leads her to Ilker, who she tries to avoid with all her will. Bahar and Harun take action against Ilgaz in their own way. Ela's balance is shaken once again by Ilker, while the real earthquake occurs in Ilgaz.

Masumiyet (The Innocence) is on FOX wednesday at 08 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Masumiyet (The Innocent)

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