Episode 9 Masumiyet (The Innocent): Trailer And Summary

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The new 9th episode trailer of Masumiyet (The Innocent) has been released! In the last episode; Will Bahar and Harun win against Ilgaz in their own way? What happen in the episode on April 21st?

Fox TV's new series Innocence has received full marks from viewers. The series, which has just aired seven episodes, is pushing to the top of the ratings with its first episodes. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting what happened in last episode 8 and the new 9th episode.

In the last episode of the series, Harun realizes they've been set up. However, Bahar and Timur manage to trick him unexpectedly. Trust in Aaron is lost and they face slander in court as a result of their brutal ambush. Here is 9th episode trailer and episode summary of Masumiyet (The Innocent) .... 

masumiyet episode 9
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What happen in the last episode? 

Harun realizes that they are trapped and tries to take precautions, but Bahar is unimaginably deceived by Timur and loses confidence in Harun. The cruel trap they fall into is a terrible slander in court. Bahar is accused of selling out her daughter's case and ripped the curtain off her eyes with this horrific accusation. She presses the button both to divorce Timur and to override Ela's statement exonerated Ilker. Bahar's decision to put Ela on the psychiatric committee confuses Ilgaz front. 

On the other hand, unable to stomach the situation in which her mother was dropped, Ela takes a radical step to help Bahar, which leads her to Ilker, who she tries to avoid with all her will. Bahar and Harun take action against Ilgaz in their own way. Ela's balance is shaken once again by Ilker, while the real earthquake occurs in Ilgaz.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 9 Trailer

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 9 Summary

Although Ismail tries to avoid his shocking words, Hale, realizing that Ismail has a secret, pursues what she hears and takes an irreversible step towards the path that will lead him to the night of the incident. A blow to Ilker, who threw bridges with his father, is also hit by the committee report that Ela received. 

Ilker and Hale are cornered as the course of the case changes radically with the report that invalidates Ela's testimony. Although Ela struggles to recover from her feelings for Ilker, a much more difficult process awaits her than she thinks. With Aaron on the ball, Hale's plays are thrown into the middle. As Bahar and Harun's cooperation destroyed the Ilgaz front, the shocking truth of the night of the event has now come to light.

Masumiyet (The Innocence) is on FOX wednesday at 08 P.M. with a new episode! Read Also All Episode of Masumiyet (The Innocent)

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