Final 40th episode of Turkish Drama 'RAMO'

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Ramo 40th episode final trailer upsets fans! What's going to happen in the 40th final episode?"

Ramo 40th new episode trailer released. The series which has seen its ratings plummet in the new season, will make its finale with its 40th episode. Ramo 40th episode trailer and summary starring Murat Yildirim and Esra Bilgic are in the news.

The trailer for the 40th final episode of Ramo series, which aired on Fridays, was released. Due to the drop in ratings, Ramo will say goodbye to the screens with its 40th episode. It was confirmed this week that the previously talked-about series will be finalized with the trailer for episode 40.

Ramo series, whose screenplay belongs to Yilmaz Şahin, is on Show TV on Friday, April 16th at 20.00 with the final episode!

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In the fight for justice, produced by BKM and brought to life by Murat Yildirim's character 'Ramo', Ramo is waging war at the top. Besides Murat Yildirim, the series features important actors such as Esra Bilgic, Olgun Simsek, Ilker Aksum, Yigit Özşener, Devrim Özkan, Mustafa Yildiran, Pelin Körmukcı, Efsane Odag and Sacide Taşener.

The Series Had a Decline Ratings

The show has been in decline in ratings lately. Ramo's latest episode, which aired last Friday, saw declines in total and EU group ratings.

Sibel and the whole family moved in to find Ramo, who disappeared in the last episode of Ramo, the hotly-watched series of show TV. Hasan and Dogu raided separate locations as a result of the tracks they were following. Trapped where he was going, Dogu fell into the hands of Sheriff. The huge explosion in the final scene of the episode, where the excitement did not slow down for a moment, took their breath away.

In Ramo's last episode, which aired last night, Ramo, who turned out to be the leader of the Serdengates, was detained by Sheriff. After Ramo mysteriously disappeared, Sibel and the whole family moved in. Hasan and Dogu raided two separate locations where they thought they could find Ramo. East, who thought Ramo was being held in a factory, was trapped in the place where he went for the raid. Sheriff knocked Dogu out and put him in Ramo's car and blew it up while he was in him.

Ramo Episode 40 Trailer

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