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Kubilai Aka Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actor

Who is Kublai Aka and how old is he? Here is the life of Kubilai Aka!

Kubilay Aka, a young actor who has been involved in successful projects and has made a name for himself, has become frequently intrigued on the internet after his recent appearance. The life and biography of the famous game, which first made its debut with Vatanim Sensin, is being investigated especially by magazine followers. So, who is Kubilay Aka, a graduate of Eskisehir Anadolu University Airport Management, and how old is he?

Kubilay Aka, who played Cem in the series 'Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings)', has recently been questioned online by tabloid followers. Aka was born in Istanbul on May 5, 1995. Here are the curiosities about the life and biography of the young and successful actor Kubilay Aka...

Kubilay Aka Profile
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The Life of Kubilay Aka

Kubilay Aka was born in Istanbul in 1995. He graduated from Eskisehir Anadolu University with a degree in Airport Management. He then studied acting. He played Ali Kemal in Kanal D's Vatanim Sensin (You Are My Homeland) and Celasun in Çukur (The Pit). Who is Kublai Aka? Where is Kublai Aka from, how old is he? Who is Kublai Aka's lover? Aşk Bu Mu? (Is This Love) in 2018? starred Afra Saraçoglu in this film. The young actor, who plays Kerem in the Netflix series Aşk 101 in 2020, continues to appear in the sequel Aşk 102.

Kubilay Aka is 1.83 meters tall, 77 kilos and is the sign of Koç. Aka started dating Miray Daner, whom he met on the set of Vatanim Sensin, and the couple broke up twice. Aka and Daner couple are said to have given their relationship a third chance. 

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