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Senkron (Synchronous) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Preparations are underway for Senkron (Synchronous) series to be broadcast on digital platforms. Who's in the cast? On which digital platform will be broadcast? What is the synopsis, we would like to share its knowledge with you in this topic. 

Senkron (Synchronous) series, which is a sci-fi, thriller and crime genre that our viewers love, has raised curiosity. The cast of the highly anticipated series is expected by the audience. Özcan Deniz, who was in the languages with his acting, has now taken the responsibility by taking the director's chair. The Turkish-produced series was released on Gain on April 7, 2021, exclusively for Premium subscribers. The series lasts 15 minutes each and consists of 6 episodes in total. It was presented as a series written on science fiction and crime. The lead cast of the intriguing series; Zeynep Tugce Bayat, North Deniz, Emre Akkuş and Özcan Deniz were directed as well as written by Özcan Deniz.         


Senkron (Synchronous) series is a Turkish production and focuses on extraordinary events that have changed in a couple's life. Set in a dystopian universe, the synchronous sequence tells the story of a pair who transition to a parallel universe at a time they never expected. What the two are going through is causing tension. The parallel universe, which we are unaware of in real life, raises questions in the minds as the series takes its dominance. If there's no parallel universe that handles the couple so much, could there be reason for audiences to be even more afraid? 

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Ozcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan's son, Kuzey Deniz, is starring in a series for the first time with his parents. Ozcan Deniz series, which he will shoot at home with his own means, included his son Kuzey. Kuzey Deniz will have experienced its first camera thrill when it was a baby.

Cast of Senkron (Synchronous)

Ozcan Deniz

Özcan Deniz is signing his own facilities at home to this series. The Synchronous series, previously referred to as a film, was turned into a series after Ozcan Deniz made it at home with his own means. Ozcan Deniz also starred in the synchronous series. Ozcan Deniz was born in Ankara in 1972. His interest in music and theatre began at an early age. In this direction, he developed himself into a famous series of actors and singers. Ozcan Deniz is now known for his role as captain Volkan in Savasci (The Soldier). He has gained notoriety in every series of films he has ever starred in. He married Feyza Aktan and had a son. His son Kuzey Ozcan, and his ex-wife will also star in this Synchronous series.

Feyza Aktan

Feyza Aktan Ozcan is Deniz's ex-wife. Born in Istanbul in 1992, Feyza will star in The Synchronous series in Aktan. Feyza Aktan will star in the series with her son North. Her marriage to Ozcan Deniz lasted a year.

Cansel Elçin

Cansel Elçin, who will star in Synchrony, is now also starring in My Left Side. He will star in the homemade series Synchrony with his wife Zeynep Tugce Bayat. Born in Izmir in 1973, he studied in France, where he appeared in theatres. Thanks to a film he starred in, he met Tomris Giritoglu and then came to Turkey with an offer for the series Kırık kanatlar (Broken Wings). She became famous for "Hatirla Sevgili." Cansel Elçin is married to Zeynep Tugce Bayat.

Zeynep Tugce Bayat

Zeynep Tugce will star in Bayat Synchrony. Zeynep Tugce Bayat, who is currently starring in Kurulus Osman, will star alongside her husband Cansel Elçin. Zeynep Tugce Bayat was born in Mersin in 1990. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Law. He worked as a director's assistant and acting in private theaters. In 2009, she had her first acting experience with The Back Row. 

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