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Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı' Episode 15: Trailer And Summary

The new 15th episode trailer of Maraşlı (Marashli) has been released! What happen in the episode on April 26th?

The trailer for the new episode has been released. In the new trailer released; The showdown between Marashli and Necati is a big shock. Here is the trailer for episode 15 of Maraşlı (Marashli)...

In the end episode; Ilhan tells Necati that the company has changed hands. Necati tells Ilhan that Aziz should know everything. Will Ilhan have the strength to tell Aziz everything? If Aziz finds out you lost the company, what's his reaction?

While Marashli protects the exhibit, Nevzat goes after the person who detonates the bomb from a distance. When things get out of hand, the eyes turn to Marashli. How will Marashli save Mahur and the lives of the guests who come to the exhibition? Here is 15th episode trailer and episode summary of Maraşlı (Marashli) ... 

marashli episode 15
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What happen in the end episode?

Upon learning of the actions of his brother Ilhan, Mahur learns of another dirty work that his family is involved in. Aziz, worried after what happened to them, decides to flee abroad to start a new life with his family. Necati has other plans. Will Necati let Aziz and his family escape? Cornered, Behram plans to make his final shipment and flee the country. 

Hilal say to Marashli that Behram must be caught. Maraşlı pursues Behram and organizes a big operation to catch him. How will Marash prevent Behram? Mahur wants to meet marashli before he goes abroad. Marashli and Mahur, who have had a more romantic evening than they have ever experienced, confess their love to each other. Will Mahur be able to escape with his family, leaving Marashli behind? Will Mahur be able to explain her plan to flee abroad to Marashli? 

Marashli meets Necati in the house where he goes to see Mahur and they start to rest. Necati makes a huge confession in the resting place. Angered by what he hears and determined to avenge what happened, Marashli draws out his weapon. The great confrontation will end in blood!"

Maraşlı Episode 15 Trailer 

Maraşlı Episode 15 Summary

Hearing the police sirens, Necati also intentionally injured himself and pretended to be attacked. The seriously injured Marashli is taken to hospital. Marashli will fight between life and death. Mahur and her family are taken into custody. The Türel house and Mahur's studio are searched by the police. All of Turkey is shaken by this news. Mahur, Firuzan and Dilşat are released, while Aziz and Ilhan are sent to prison. 

Father and son have a hard time in prison. Ilhan is ambushed. Will Ilhan be able to save his life? Mahur learns that Marashli is in a coma and ends up in the hospital. She begins to wait at the head of Marashli. Necati and Savas think they've avenged the stain on their father they've dreamed of for years. All that remains is the death of Marashli, who they are sure works for intelligence. Two brothers order the death of Marashli. Will Mahur be able to save Marashli's life this time?

Marashli is on ATV on Monday April 26th at 08 P.M  with a new 15th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Maraşlı (Marashli)

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