Akkız Destanı (The White Girl Saga) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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What is the synopsis of Akkız Destanı? Who are in the cast? When and what channel tv the series will be aired?

In this article, we will write about the cast of Akkız Destanı Series, which will be screened in the new season on ATV. ATV, which has recently attached great importance to the series and wants to move on with a strong series every day, will appear with a new historical series called Akkız Destanı (The White Girl Saga), which it will start shooting in July. 

We will provide all the curious information about Akkız Destanı series to the actors with the producer director information and the channel when the series will start and all the details here.

Akkız Destanı synopsis

We would like to write extensively to you, our esteemed readers, with their photographs. The selections for the cast of the series Epic of Akkiz, which has begun its preparations, continue in a wannabe manner. We will continue to write on this page as long as the cast and cast of Akkız Destanı (The White Girl Saga) are certain. For now, there is no confirmed cast as casting continues. We will continue to include the names and details of the confirmed cast members in the series.

Akkız Destanı Tv Channel

The series, Akkız Destanı (The White Girl Saga), will hit the set in July 2021. The series, which is interviewed by ATV, is set in the 9th century. In the time before the Turks' transition to Islam, the mountain in Central Asia will carry the epic love story of an orphaned girl and her son, an inn. We will continue to present the curious information and its story to our esteemed readers on our page in the full detail section of Akkız Destanı series, which is expected to be a very unusual series both with its subject matter and with the locations and cast.

When Does Akkız Destanı Start?

The series Akkiz Saga, which will be broadcast on ATV screens, will be released on the set in July and the first trial shoot will be held with the cast. Filming of the Akkiz Saga series, which is intended to be filmed in the Konya steppes resembling Central Asia, will continue throughout July and August and will be screened in the new season on ATV screens in September 2021, which could be the series. Let's see if the Series of Akkız Destanı, which is intended to be broadcast in place of Hercai series that airs on Sunday evenings, will be liked by the audience in the new season or if it will get enough ratings because it is a period series.

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