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Baht Oyunu (Baht Game), which received a lot of attention with its first introduction, will storm the summer screen with romantic comedy series!

Produced by Kanal D and designed by Fatih Enes Omeroglu, ARC Film's new series 'Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)' is set to storm the summer screen with romantic comedy.  The filming, which stands out with its fun storyline, interesting characters and cast that brings together young stars and masters, continues in an extremely entertaining environment. The series which received a lot of attention with its first introduction and signaled that the summer screen will be a phenomenal series, will soon meet the audience on Kanal D screen.

Starring Aytaç Şaşmaz and Cemre Baysel, the cast includes Idris Nebi Taşkan, Asli Sumen, Hande Subasi, Funda ilhan, Tugba Çom, Anil Celik, Ozan Daghgez, Irem Yüksel, Emrah Ben, Suğdem Gözalır and Altan Maleli, Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) is coming soon on Kanal D... 

baht oyunu release date
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Serdar Gozlekli is the director of the series, which was written by Erkan Birgören and Tuna Mince. 'Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)' will bring the story of Ada, who believes that if she does not find happiness with her first love, she will be unhappy forever.

When will Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) start?

The summer series of Kanal D screens is set to hit screens shortly. The Series will be available to its viewers very soon.

Baht Oyunu Promotion Trailer

Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Players

Aytaç Şaşmaz (Bora)

Cemre Baysel (Ada) 

İdris Nebi Taşkan (Rüzgar) 

Aslı Sümen (Tuğçe)

Hande Subaşı (Nergis) 

Funda İlhan (Belma)

Tuğba Çom Makar (Yasemin) 

Anıl Çelik (Ali)

Ozan Dağgez (Evren) 

İrem Yüksel (Selin) 

Emrah Ben (Aslan)

Suğdem Gözalır (Pırıl) 

Azra Aksu (Elif)

Altan Erkekli (Zafer)

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