Episode 12 Masumiyet (The Innocent): Trailer And Summary

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The new 12nd episode trailer of Masumiyet (The Innocent) has been released! In the end episode; Cornered by Hale's plan, Ismail is forced to confess his guilt. What happen in the episode on May 12nd?

The new 12bd episode trailer released. In the end episode; When Ismail ask Hale what did she do, Hale says, "The wrong question is Ismail, the right question is what should I do", and Ilker witnesss all the talk. Ismail was shocked that he was going to jail. Bahar, on the other hand, tells Yelda, devastated, that Umut was there that night. 

The series featuring Hülya Avşar, Mehmet Aslantuğ and Deniz Cakir continues to inspire curiosity every week. The revelation that Ismail was there on the night of the incident breaks all the memories of the night of violence. Hale walks step by step to the end of Ismail, while Ela is in a dangerous game with Ilker in pursuit of his own reality. 

The series, which airs every Wednesday night on Fox Tv, at 08 P.M. Stars Hülya Avşar, Serkay Tutuncu and Mehmet Aslantuğ, Here is 12nd episode trailer and episode summary of Masumiyet (The Innocent) ....

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What happen in the end episode?

Cornered by Hale's plan, Ismail is forced to confess his guilt and surrender with his own mouth. The course of the case changes when it is determined that Umut was at the scene that night, while Ismail's shock confession is displaced. Bahar and Ela are shaken by the shocking developments that arise, mother and daughter who seek the same truth without knowing each other, are left in limbo between the truth and the lies.  

For Hale and Ilker, who are freed from the shadow of Ismail, time is a time for reckoning with their dark family history. The balance between Ilker, Irem and Ela changes once again while the diseased world that Ismail has managed to hide from the eyes for years is revealed. Harun's hidden agendas are about to reveal a whole new set of hidden truths.

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 12 Trailer

Masumiyet (The Innocent) Episode 12 Summary

Bahar and Hale are forced to cooperate in an extraordinary way for their children, while Harun's secret collaborations are strong enough to change the course of the case. Ela finally manages to hold her mother's hand and turn her back on Ilker, but Hale's radical solution to influence the litigation process shakes the emotional balance of the trio of Ela, Ilker and Irem. While Ela lost her balance with Hale's step, Irem gets the hardest blow of her life from Hale and Ilker. As Bahar opens the smokescreen surrounding Harun for the first time, Ilker's latest move will push everyone's boundaries.

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