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Episode 15 Kardeşlerim (The Sibling): Trailer And Summary

The new 15th episode trailer of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) has been released! In the end episode; Kadir seeks remedies to take care of his brother and support the house. 

The new episode trailer has been released. What will happen in the new 15th episode of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling), the most talked about series on social media since it aired on ATV screens on May 22nd? Here's Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) new chapter recap. The following are the links to watch from YouTube and ATV.

The new episode trailer for Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) series, starring Celil Nalchakan, Halit Ozgur Sarı and Ahu Yağtu, has been released. The new episode, which is widely watched on ATV screens, is with you on Saturday, May 22 at 08 P.M.

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What happen in the end episode?

While Omar is in the hospital, Suzan stays with him. As a result of the great argument between Orhan and Şengül, Shengül leaves the house. While Melisa supports Kadir to finish the school he left unfinished, Doruk starts working in Selim's café to be with Asiye. When Suzan rips up the contract signed by Omar and tries to connect with him, it is only a matter of time before Awesome goes crazy. Great, he darkens his eyes to get Omar away from his home and his mother.

Kardeşlerim Episode 15 Trailer

Kardeşlerim Episode 15 Summary

While Harika convinces Suzan of her insidious plan and lures her to her side, she looks for ways to get Ömer kicked out of school. Omar has to defend himself. While Akif and Nebahat warn Melisa to stay away from Kadir, they are unaware of Doruk and Asiye. Akif executes his insidious plan for Suzan's bankruptcy. Tolga hatches a plan to put Asiye in a difficult position to get revenge on Omar and Kadir.

Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) Broadcast on Saturday, May 27, on ATV with episode 15 is taking its place on the screens. Read Also All Episode of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling)

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