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Episode 21 Son Yaz (The Last Summer): Trailer And Summary

The new 21st episode trailer of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) has been released! In the end episode; Selim testified about the bribery case in the police department. What happen in the episode on June 4th?

Fox TV's phenomenal series Son Yaz (The Last Summer) is set to hit screens with a bombshell episode. In the end episode, what happened to Yagmur and Kaan, who was in the car that did not hold the brakes. Yagmur has been remembers what happened to her. Will Kaan recover?

In the phenomenal series Son Yaz (The Last Summer), things unravel one by one. In the series, prosecutor Selim Kara is trying to unraase the mystery of Yagmur and Kaan's accident. Selim's head is confused, while Yagmur remembers what happened to her. Will Gokhan be able to get away with what Yagmur has to say?

Friday night's bombshell series premieres this week with its 21st episode. In the end episode trailer, Yagmur suffers an unexpected accident. Selim suspects it wasn't an accident. On the other hand, after Yagmur's accident, Akgün is devastated and blames himself. Yağmur's memory is restored later and the veil of mystery begins to open up. Here is 21st episode trailer and episode summary of Son Yaz (The Last Summer) .....

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What happen in the end episode?

While Akgün was on his way with Gokhan to find out what happened to Yagmur, Selim testified about the bribery case in the police department. When they soon find out that Yagmur and Kaan have crashed, they rush to the hospital. While Kaan and Yagmur were in surgery, Selim had already started investigating the incident on suspicion of sabotage. When Akgün learns that the incident was sabotage against him, he is determined to find out who did it and punish him. 

Gokhan, on the other hand, is constantly on the lookout for his identity not to be revealed. When Yagmur wakes up, she can't remember the accident. Kaan's condition is more serious. For now, danger has passed for Gokhan. While Akgün and Selim go after the incident, Kenan is angry that he found out it was sabotage and hid it in Selim. When the news comes that Selim has been relieved of duty, more work will fall on Akgün. 

With the help of Soner and Eray, Akgün goes after the saboteur. When he found out who he was, Gokhan realized that Yagmur was about to remember the incident and approached her. When Gokhan realizes that the circle is narrowing for him, he goes down an irreversible path.

Son Yaz Episode 21 Trailer 

Son Yaz Episode 21 Summary 

Gökhan's aim to kidnap Selçuk Taşkın is different. He wants to reveal a family secret from the past by confronting Akgün and his father. But their plans are ruined before Akgün and Selçuk Taşkın can face each other. Selim and Kenan sit down and talk about their relationship after Yağmur's kidnapping. Since Selim Kara returned to Cesme, nothing has happened to the Kara family. Kenan is on the eve of making radical decisions about his relationship.

While Yağmur and Akgün dream of continuing their relationship from where they left off after all that has happened, there is only one obstacle in front of them. Akgün's older brother is still alive and missing. Will Akgün ask his brother to account for his actions? Or will he listen to Yağmur and let her go?

The big day is approaching. It became clear the day of the trial that Selçuk Taşkın would testify against Halil Sadi in secret. But Halil Sadi, who could not silence Selçuk Taşkın through Gökhan, will do his best to prevent Selçuk Taşkın from appearing in court. Will Selçuk Taşkın be able to stand trial and testify in Istanbul?

Son Yaz (The Last Summer) episode 21 aired on Fox Tv on Friday, June 4th on 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Son Yaz (The Last Summer)

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