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Final 52nd Episode of Sefirin Kızı (Sefir's Daughter): Turkish Drama

The Final 52nd episode of Sefirin Kızı (Sefir's Daughter) has been released! "Mavi was also connected to Sancar by a rain on that dark night..."

Sefirin Kızı (Sefir's Daughter) has released a new episode trailer. In the trailer released; Sancar and Melek sit sadly. Elvan and Yahya resurend as a sad love story is heard. Mavi's ex-husband screams in his nose as he kidnaps Melek. Mavi's ex-husband, on the other hand, points the gun at Sancar. Here's the trailer for Final 52nd Episode of Sefirin Kızı ...

Sefirin Kızı Final Chapter Summary

Sadat's more dangerous and unstable attitudes than before make even the Trust want to get rid of him. However, Sadat compresses the trust with the information he has. No one can imagine how far he'll go to get to Mavi.

sefirin kizi episode 52
Image Via @Star Tv

Elvan faces a new Dudu test at a time when she thinks his mind and heart are in the same place as how she feels about Yahya. Whether they pass this exam will determine the steps that Yahya will take.

When Sancar and Mavi think they can make things right, everything is turned upside down by Sadat's unexpected move. With Blue and Angel's life in danger, will Sancar be able to win this race against time to save them?

Sefirin Kızı Final Chapter Trailer

4 comments for "Final 52nd Episode of Sefirin Kızı (Sefir's Daughter): Turkish Drama"

  1. JE SUIS TRISTE que c'est la fin ! j'espérer plus d'épisodes et ca c'est arrêter brusquement, dommage!
    Je vais être priver "longtemps" de mes 2 acteurs préférés " ENGIN / TUBA" !
    ( A QUAND SEFIRIN SUR NETFIX et sou titré en FRANCAIS ???

  2. What happened to the Sancar and Mavi's baby boy? They returned from a year abroad with Melek, but the no baby and no mention of him. Very strange. Did the writers forget about who was such a big part of the final episode?

  3. Why do sancar didn't won the race

  4. like i wish he ended up with Nare, they were about to be together again. but she got sick & left the show sadly.