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The New 2nd Teaser of Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Has Been Released!

Watch The New teaser from Star TV's New Turkissh Series Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love).... 

Filming of the Star's new series 'Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love)' is in full swing. A new 2nd introduction featuring Umit Kantarcı and Sude Zülal Guler has been released. The promotion, which signaled an exciting start, was also widely liked on social media.

Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Pictures

Sadullah Celen is the director of the series, which was signed by Ata Türkoglu on behalf of Koliba Film. Bekir Baran Suki and Rana Mamatlıoglu write the screenplay for the series. The series stars; Umit Kantarcı and Sude Zülal Guler are taking part. 'Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love)' will be available to its audience very soon.

kazara ask 2nd teaser
Image Via @Star Tv

Umit Kantarcı and Sude Zülal Guler star in Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love), which tells the story of young people who open a new chapter in their lives after meeting as a result of an accident, while the successful cast includes; Uğur Çavuşoğlu, Servet Pandur, Selin Işık, Sadi Celil Cengiz, Aycan Koptur, Burak Tamdoğan, Deniz Altan, Burakhan Yılmaz, Ali Haydar Çataltepe, Öykü Candanadam, Çağdaş Tekin, Nermin Aslan, Nalan Örgüt and Billur Pınar Yılmaz are taking part.  

Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) 2nd Teaser

Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love) Story

'Kazara Aşk (Accidental Love)' will also lock the audience to the screen with its gripping storyline. A beautiful young girl who dreams of being happy by marrying the man she loves after finishing university... 

A young and handsome young man from the heirs of a rich family... The paths of these two young people, who pursue happiness with their hopes and dreams, cross paths unexpectedly, after an accident...  

The accidental adventures of Şimal from Artvin and Civan from Gaziantep are dragged to a completely different dimension with lies and unexpected events lined up one after another.

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