Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı' Episode 18: Trailer And Summary

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The new 18th episode trailer of Maraşlı (Marashli) has been released! What happen in the episode on May 17th?

The expected trailer from the popular ATV series Marashlı, starring Burak Deniz and Alina Boz, has arrived. The trailer for the 18th episode of Marashlı, which received full marks from its audience with its end episode, has been released. "The more your conscience speaks, the more pain you will have, Marashli..." As his words marked the last trailer, it became a question of how Marashli would save Mahur, who was unconscious. 

The cast was breathtaking with the trailer for the 18th episode of Marashli, which featured such successful actors as Burak Deniz (Marashli), Alina Boz (Mahur), Kerem Atabeyoglu (Aziz), Rojda Demirer (Firuzan), Venerable Soysal (War), Cemil Büyükdöğerli (İlhan), Melis Duyten (Dilşad), Serhat Kilic (Necati), and Cihan Yenici (Ozan). So what will happen in Marashli episode 18?

marasli episode 18
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What happen in the end episode?

Hilal shoots Necati. Marashli forces the dying Necati to tell Mahur the antidote to the poison he gave. How will Marashli save Mahur, who is unconscious? Savas is horrified to learn from Ilhan that Necati killed his father. Necati is in the hospital. Savas finds Necati and asks him for accountability. Necati is in the hospital. 

Savas finds Necati and asks him for accountability. Knowing Necati's weakness for Mahur, Savas says Mahur came to take his life. Necati panics, Mahur doesn't want to get hurt. What is Savas's plan for Mahur? Will Necati tell Savas the truth? Mahur; Even if he doesn't believe Marashli shot Necati, he suspects. Unable to explain to Mahur how Necati was shot, Marashli decides to leave intelligence and tell Mahur everything. Will Marashli be able to implement his great decision?

Maraşlı Episode 18 Trailer 

Maraşlı Episode 18 Summary: "Marashli is helpless"

Marashli, who left intelligence in a desperate situation, tells Mahur that what he hears is true. Mahur is devastated, she cannot accept that Marashli lied to her. Desperate, Marashli takes Mahur back to where it all began and wants to tell her what happened. Will Marashli be able to tell Mahur what he's been through? 

Savas is shocked to learn from Aziz that he is Necati's own son. Aziz says he had a DNA test at the time and was sure. When he learns that Necati is not his brother, Savas realizes that he has been betrayed. Savas meets Necati and tells the truth. How will Savas avenge Necati? What awaits Aziz and Ilhan? 

Necati, who has a conscience accounting, learns from Savas that his own father is Aziz and experiences another shock. He asks Marashli for help in saving Aziz and Ilhan. Marashli accepts this offer. Marashli goes to Savas's house and tries to reach Aziz and Ilhan, but the police raid. Marashli is arrested. Nothing will ever be the same again.


Maraşlı (Marashli) is on ATV on Monday May 17th at 08 P.M  with a new 18th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Maraşlı (Marashli)

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