Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı' Episode 21: Trailer And Summary

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The new 21st episode trailer of Maraşlı (Marashli) has been released! Marashli and Mahur express their longing for each other. What happen in the episode on June 7th?

Watch the new 21st episode trailer from Maraşlı, which quickly became the focus of attention in the Turkish press! You can read our news on June 7, 2021 to learn about the new episode of the 21st episode of Maraşlı watch the trailer. Here is 21st episode trailer and episode summary of Maraşlı. 

With the 21st episode trailer, it will appear on ATV screens on Monday evening. You can find the 21st episode trailer of Maraşlı, which is the scene of great excitement in every episode, in full HD. Starring Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, and will be broadcast on ATV with its new episode on Monday, June 7th.

Maraşlı episode 21
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What happen in the end episode?

Maraşlı and Mahur express their yearning for each other. Maraşlı questions Mahur's sincerity with the Prosecutor. Maraşlı is disturbed by Prosecutor Tolga and Mahur from Dilara. Fuad warns Maraşlı not to lie to Mahur. Mehmet İnce tells that he must tell Mahur that he is. Will Maraşlı be able to confess his identity to Mehmet İnce to Mahur? Prosecutor Tolga; He interrogates Savaş and Maraşlı. Marash and Savas come face to face for the first time in a long time. The prosecutor asks both of them about Mehmet İnce. Who will reach Mehmet İnce first? Prosecutor Tolga or Savaş? 

Maraşli make a plan with Fuad to reach the Hurdacı, whom he learned from Necati, and they give the news that there is 10 Million Dollars of money to be cleaned. The scrap dealer hears from his men the amount Fuad wants to justify and arranges a meeting. The junk man doesn't go to meet, he sends his men Will Maraşlı be able to reach Hurdacı? The Hurdacı is aware that he is after Maraşlı. Savas; He is sure that the person who spoke Hurdacı to Maraşlı was Necati. The junkman orders Savas to kill Necati. Savaş men go after Necati. Will Necati manage to escape death for the second time?

Maraşlı Episode 21 Trailer

Maraşlı Episode 21 Summary: Is Mehmet Ince alive or dead?

There is a big conflict between Maraşlı and Savaş. Mahur meets with Prosecutor Tolga in the place where she and Necati took shelter. The police and the Prosecutor arrive at the scene. Tolga is uncomfortable with Maraşlı being with Mahur. He asks Maraşlı about Mehmet İnce. Meanwhile, Necati has also disappeared. Mahur starts looking for Necati with great fear. Has he made a plan for Mehmet İnce, whom everyone from Maraş is after? Why did Necati, who was mentally ill, disappeared? 

Since Necati is still alive, the war is tense. When the scrap dealer learns that Maraşlı saved Necati, he gets angry. What will be the next step of the scrap dealer? Pursuing information about Mehmet İnce, the prosecutor reaches Hilal. Although Hilal states that she cannot share confidential information, Prosecutor Tolga does not give up to reach this information. The Prosecutor is confident that he will get it by applying to the Higher Institutions. Maraşlı is very nervous. Will the prosecutor find out that Mehmet İnce is from Maraş? Will Maraşlı tell the truth to Mahur?

Maraşlı (Marashli) is on ATV on Monday June 7th at 08 P.M  with a new 21th episode!. Read Also All Episode of Maraşlı (Marashli)

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