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Emanet (Legacy) Season 2 Release Date: Turkish Drama

When will the new 2nd season of Emanet (Legacy) series begin? When will the 206th episode trailer of the Emanet series be released? Here is about the new season of the series .......

Emanet made its season finale last Friday with its 205th episode. The 206th new episode trailer of Emanet, the popular series of the screens, where the excitement is not missing for a moment, has already been a matter of curiosity. The Emanet series, which draws attention with its strong cast and story, is in our news about the new season details and the new episode trailer.

After the season finale of the Emanet series, one of the most watched productions of Kanal 7, the eyes turned to the new season date. Fans of the series are curiously searching for the date when the new season will be released. So, when will the new season of Emanet start? When will the new episodes of the Emanet series be on the screen? Here are all the curiosities...

The popular production of the screens, Emanet, took a break from the screen by making the season finale with the 205th episode published on Friday last week. After the season finale of the series, which was followed with great interest with its gripping story and successful cast, the eyes were turned to the new season.

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When is Emanet (Legacy) New Season?

The popular TV series Emanet will continue its screen adventure in the new season. The 206th new episode of the series, which has managed to leave its mark on the screen with every episode and locks the audience on the screen, is eagerly awaited. The new 2nd season of the series will be start in September 13, 2021.

On Which Days Is Emanet (Legacy) Broadcast?

One of the most watched productions of the screens, the series Emanet meets with its fans on Kanal 7 screens with brand new episodes every weekday at 19.00. Ayhan Özen and Taner Tunç sit in the director's chair of the series.

The new episode trailer of the Emenet series has not been released yet. The 206th episode trailer of the Emanet series, which took a break from the air with the season finale, will take its place in our news as soon as it goes on the air.

Emanet (Legacy) Plot Story:

Seher is a modest, young and beautiful girl living with her elderly father. Seher's quiet life is shaken by the death of her sister, who is a bride to the Kırıklı family. Now he has a trust that he must protect at all costs; His five-year-old nephew Yusuf... But Seher's job will not be easy. Because Yaman Kirimli, a businessman who is famous for his harsh rules and cruelty, is Yusuf's uncle and has no intention of giving his nephew to anyone. Taking her strength only from her innocence and patience, Seher engages in a relentless struggle against the mighty Yaman Kırmızılı. While this adventure reveals long-hidden secrets in his Kırıklı mansion; A completely different trust will start to grow in the hearts of Seher and Yaman.

Carrying the signature of Karamel Yapım, Emanet meets the audience on Kanal 7 screens every weekday at 19:00 with its gripping story. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Emanet (Legacy)

Emanet (Legacy) Production

Directors: Ayhan Ozen, Taner Tunc

Assistant Director: Umut Keten

Cinematographer: Omer Yilmaz

Project-Story: Nazmiye Yılmaz

Scenario: Başak Yazı Odası

Production: Karamel Yapim

Music: Minor

Art Director: Saadet Parlak

Costume Manager: Gerçek Bitmez

Cast: Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, Sıla Türkoğlu, Berat Yusuf Özkan, Gülderen Güler Melih Özkaya, Tolga Pancaroğlu, Gülay Özdem, Gözde Gürkan, Hilal Yıldız, Oğuz Yağcı, Osman Aydın, Ömer Gecü, Binnaz Ekren, Zeynep Naz, Derya Ertun, Mehmet Ali Aydin, Ozge Agyar, Volkan Yildirim, Hayat Olcay,

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  2. Hoping that Season 2, on You Tube, will be shown with ENGLISH subtitles. PLEASE!

  3. Yes please show English subtitles on u tube

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  12. I’m not Turkish
    I’m from USA
    I give a 💯plus
    Emenet the best love history
    Yaman I hope that you really love a woman like you love seher
    But I really wham that you merry to Sila❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I can’t wait for season two
    I want to thanks to the production of this serie
    Excellent job
    My fervor Yaman❤️❤️❤️Sila
    I love Nedim, so cute 🥰, Kara good job 👏🏼
    Yusuf I love you baby
    The music ❤️❤️❤️ The best, so beautiful songs.

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    We love Sila ,yaman and Yusuf so much
    From Philippines

  14. I'm from India, I loved Emanet series very much because my love story matches a lot with this story, my husband too is a family man like Yaman, who is very practical and my thoughts are just like seher, I have been experiencing bit by bit, flash back of my love life. But Yaman n Seher are facing too much of difficulties on and on, how much of tension, back to back. A small request, let there be balance in the story of human life. Yaman is such a big business man, doesn't he understand the cheap tricks of Ikbal and Selim, how easily he trusts them. In this modern times even children are very intelligent. But unlike few flaws thanks for the wonderful beautiful series.

  15. Plss upload episode with English subtitles

  16. I was going to stop watching because I feared that the writer, who also writes Yemen, would continue to torture the viewers with fleeting moments of a loving relationship and heaps of anger, misunderstanding, emotional pain, cruelty, etc. I gave up on Yemen a long time ago. But I can't resist Emanet, like a moth to a flame. I hope that I don't get burned.

  17. I fell in love with the story, I've watched almost all of the episodes from season 1 episode 1 until now season 2, but the sad thing is, I'm having hardest time to search for full episode with enhlish subtitles, am filipino by blood, can speak and understand English but cannot speak or understand other language, soooooo sad😢, please do something about this, avid fans (english speakers) like me is very eager to find episode with english subtitles

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