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Episode 1 Baş Belası (Troublemaker): Trailer And Summary

The new 1st episode trailer of Baş Belası (Troublemaker) has been released! When will the series be released!

In the first episode of the series, which featured İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir in the lead roles, Dilara Aksüyek, Bülent Düzgünoğlu, Neşe Baykent, Taner Rumeli, Yılmaz Kunt, Buçe Buse Kahraman, Ali Mert Yavuzcan, Ergül Miray Şahin, Özgür Cem Tuğluk, was broadcast on ATV screens, İpek 's suddenly changing life aroused curiosity. In the 1st episode trailer of the series, it was noteworthy that İpek started to work in the police station.

Baş Belası started its screen adventure on Sunday, June 20, with the 1st episode. In the first episode of "Baş Belası", which will give the audience a thrill of crime on the summer screen, psychology graduate İpek, who is very interested in detective stories, learned that her close friend Nazlı had been deceived, and her life was turned upside down. While it was noteworthy that İpek, who was taken into the police as a psychologist, met with the commissioner Şahin Kara, the new episode trailer of the series was published. Here is the 1st episode of Troublemaker, for those who missed it and want to watch it again.

bas belasi episode 1
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Baş Belası Episode 1 Trailer

"We're in this together, those people ruined my life!"

Baş Belası Episode 1 Summary: Ipek's life turned upside down

İpek Gümüşçü, a married, happy housewife with children, learns that her close friend Nazlı has been cheated on. Ipek, a psychology graduate who is very interested in detective stories, searches for clues to solve this case with her friend and finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Having to testify as a suspect to the homicide bureau chief, Şahin Kara, who is investigating the case, İpek's life changes completely with the emerging evidence.

Ipek's wonderful life that she has been living in for years is an illusion. Ipek, whose life is turned upside down, has a riddle to solve in order to collect herself. Looking for a way to solve this riddle, İpek learns that a psychologist will be taken to safety. Despite her mother's objections, she gets an interview and gets a job, but she finds herself working with Şahin Kara, whom she doesn't like very much. Şahin, on the other hand, does not trust İpek and thinks that a woman like her will never be able to keep up with the world of the homicide bureau.

Baş Belası started her screen adventure on Sunday, June 20, with the 1st episode. Read Also All Episode of Baş Belası (Troublemaker)

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