Episode 2 Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love): Trailer And Summary

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The trailer for Episode 2 of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) has been released! What happen in the episode on 14th?

Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) appeared in front of the series lovers with its first episode. The exciting series drew attention with its first episode. Will the adventure that started with the revenge of Fırat end with a new love? The highly anticipated series, with its actors and subject, came to the screen on Monday evening. 

Aşkın Tarifi, one of the ambitious productions of Kanal D screens, was presented to the audience with its first episode. The new series starring Kadir Doğulu and Serra Arıtürk received great acclaim with its first episode. Here is 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love).

askin tarifi episode 2
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What happen in the end episode?

Fırat, a self-made kebab master, wants to teach a lesson to the famous life coach Doctor Love, who is playing with his destiny. Fırat's furious journey drags him to a French restaurant. Fırat, who was a good chef in French cuisine in the past, regains the cuisine he is passionate about; He meets true love thanks to the beautiful Naz Soyluer, the owner of the restaurant. Fırat Chef, a food wizard who blends eastern and western cuisines, will realize that there is not only one Love Recipe in his recipe book, which will surprise everyone.

Going on an indescribable love journey, will Fırat be able to teach Doctor Ask a "lesson of love"? Or will it hunt on its way to the hunt? Will Fırat be able to find the Recipe for Love, or is there a Recipe for Love? 

Aşkın Tarifi Episode 2 Trailer

Aşkın Tarifi Episode 2 Summary: Kissing event on launch night shocks everyone

The kissing event on the night of the launch shocks everyone. Naz cannot digest this injustice she has encountered and fires Firat. On the other hand, Taylan starts looking for the reason behind Fırat's doing this. Firat is in disgrace. He makes up his mind to get Naz to forgive him. For this, he does such things that things turn upside down and this time Naz has to convince Fırat to return to the restaurant.

This is how Naz encounters the world of Fırat for the first time. The warm world of Firat causes even the ice queen Naz to melt slowly. Fırat and Naz spend an unforgettable evening in Fırat's neighborhood, full of surprises. However, on the other hand, Taylan does not sit idly by. Fırat and Naz will be stunned by Taylan's new move. So, will Firat retreat with this defeat, or will it stay and continue the war?

Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) Episode 2 released on June 14, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love)

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