Episode 2 Baht Oyunu (Baht Game): Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) has been released! In the end episode; Ada's story of finding true love begins!. What happen in the episode on June 22nd?


Kanal D's brand new series "Baht Oyunu" will soon meet its audience. Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu is the producer and project design of the series. The actors actresses of Kanal D's ambitious series signed by ARC Film are curious.

Serdar Gözelekli, director of the TV series "Baht Oyunu"; Executive Producer Serkan Hasekioğlu; Executive Producer Kerem Şahenk; Aslı Demirer and Safa Hendem, Head of Sound Industry; Cinematographer Kerem Şahenk; Artistic Director Tolga Coşkuntuna; General Coordinator Necmi Easily. The script of the series was prepared by Erkan Birgören, Tuna Kıygı, Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu.

Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Players

Idris Aytaç Şaşmaz (Bora), Cemre Baysel (Island), İdris Nebi Taşkan (Wind), Aslı Sümen (Tuğçe), Hande Subaşı (Nergis), Funda İlhan (Belma), Tuğba Çom Makar (Yasemin) ), Anıl Çelik (Ali), Ozan Dağgez (Evren), İrem Yüksel (Selin), Emrah Ben (Aslan), Suğdem Gözalır (Pırıl), Azra Aksu (Elif) and Altan Erkekli (Zafer).

baht oyunu episode 2
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Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Plot Story

If you believe that your luck is bad, it is not easy to beat bad luck… But Ada, who grew up among women who believed that they would find happiness if they married the men they first fell in love with and who could not achieve this, is just about to put an end to this and put a stick in the wheel of fate. What happens is that Ada is abandoned by Rüzgar, whom she believes is her first love. While Ada is trying to win Rüzgar back on her way to happiness, she comes across Bora. A difficult and romantic journey awaits Ada, who is stuck between her love and faith.

What happen in the first episode?

Ada dreams that they will really become husband and wife with Rüzgar becoming a citizen. On this happiest day for Rüzgar to receive citizenship, the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular social content platform Bizdebüldü.net, who came to the cafe where he worked, was fired due to an argument he had with Bora. When Ada goes to the company where she works to see Rüzgar, her whole world falls apart when she sees him and her colleague Tuğçe. A big surprise awaits Ada, who thinks her bad luck has come and found her! Bora, whom she fights in the cafe, is Rüzgar's boss.

In order to win Rüzgar back, Ada has to get a job at Bora's company, and for this, she has to make herself accepted by Bora, a man she hates and is very difficult to please, without getting to know them properly. Will Ada be able to do this?

Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Episode 2 Trailer 

Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Episode 2 Summary

Before Ada delivers the entire video to Bora, she makes a deal to ensure it stays at the company, but being Bora's assistant is much more difficult than Ada thought. Ada, who has become the number one gossip topic of the company, gets the nickname 27 because she is Bora's 27th assistant. While the employees are betting on how permanent it will be, Ada tries to keep on good terms with Bora regardless of what is said. Tuğçe is the first person Ada approached in the company.

As Rüzgar starts researching to get to know her rival Tuğçe is better, she, who keeps her marriage a secret, sees Ada as a threat to the company and tries to drive her away. After the video scandal, Bora gets an opportunity to tidy things up. Learning that the other party will come to the extremely critical business dinner with his wife, Bora decides to go to the dinner with Tuğçe. On the other hand, Ada sets up a game for Tuğçe so that Bora can go to dinner with her and she succeeds. Bora invites Ada to dinner and asks her to act like her lover throughout the meal. The meal, which started out perfectly, turns into a nightmare when Tuğçe and Rüzgar come to the restaurant.

Produced and designed by Fatih Enes Omeroglu, Arc film's new summer series 'Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)' will be screened recently. Read Also All Episode of Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)

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