Episode 2 Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling): Trailer And Summary

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Show TV New series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) episode 2 trailer has been released! What happen in the episode on June 16th?

The countdown continues for Show TV's new series 'Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)' by Ojo Pictures, which is preparing to mark this summer season. Sections from the love story of Leyla (Bensu Soral) and Cem (Kubilay Aka) are presented in the broadcast promotion of the series, which will warm the hearts of the audience with its colorful story. While the tough race that the duo will enter in the business world creates excitement, it is already a matter of great curiosity who will win this race.

The first trailer of Show TV's new summer series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) has been released. Bensu Soral and Kubilay Aka are in the lead roles of the Turkish-made drama television series directed by Fehmi Öztürk and written by Meriç Acemi. So what is the subject of Glass Ceilings, what day and what time does it start? Here are 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) .....

cam tavanlar episode 2
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In the series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling), the story of Cem, an idealistic business woman and the son of a wealthy family, is discussed. Starring Bensu Soral and Kubilay Aka, the remarkable duo of the young generation, is soon to begin broadcasting. While Leyla (Bensu Soral), an idealist businesswoman, tells the story of the destruction of her dreams over the years as a result of her meeting with the son of a prestigious family, Cem (Kubilay Aka) and the tough war that will begin between the two, "Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)" will tell the story of who will be the victor, while the series is dazzled. The duo will fall into the webs of love.

What happen in the 1st episode?

We live in a world where women climb the stairs one by one and men take the elevator straight up. In the middle of this world, a determined, hardworking, strong woman; Leyla… The CEO of the restaurant chain she founded with her teeth and nails…

Trying to maintain her existence as a woman in the men's world, Leyla begins to struggle with the consequences of a fire that suddenly broke out in the restaurant, but she is not yet aware that a huge problem is approaching step by step... The intersection of the paths of Leyla and a successful manager, Cem Kumcu, starts a fire that will not be extinguished easily between the two.

As the flames rise, struggle, rivalry, strife and love will flare up; The duo will find themselves in a great battle. Let's see if there will be a winner in this war. 

Cam tavanlar Episode 2 Trailer 

In the promotion, where Leyla and Cem met each other even outside of Istanbul, the sweet and fierce rivalry between the two will give fun moments to those on the screen. It will be eagerly awaited whether Leyla, who has rolled up her sleeves to open her new restaurant, will achieve her goal.

Cam tavanlar Episode 2 Summary

Leyla, who was taken from Asude in the 2nd part of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) series, decided to resist. Now is the time to start everything from scratch…

But it won't be easy. Moreover, there is now a formidable opponent in front of him: Cem… A sudden trip by Leyla means alarm bells ringing for Cem. But there is one thing that neither of them took into account; it's love too...

Cam tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) Episode 2 released on Wednesday June 16th on Show TV screens! Read Also All Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)

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