Episode 3 Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling): Trailer And Summary

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Show TV New series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) episode 3 trailer has been released! What happen in the episode on June 23rd?

The sweet rivalry between Leyla and Cem in Cam Tavanlar series, which looks at the classic summer series from a different perspective, caught the attention of the audience. Cam Tavanlar deals with the struggle of Leyla, who stands upright on her own feet without being dependent on anyone, to hold on to life. 

The excitement continues unabated in Cam Tavanlar, which develops an unusual summer series understanding and connects the audience with its original theme. Bringing together Kubilay Aka and Bensu Soral, one of the popular actors of the last period, in the same team, in the trailer of the 3rd episode of Cam Tavanlar, the heat of the fierce race that started between Leyla and Cem revealed colorful images. Cam Tavanlar, which reflects the difficulties and obstacles in front of Leyla's working life with an impressive plot, succeeded in getting the approval of the series lovers.

Cam Tavanlar episode 3
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When Will Cam Tavanlar  Episode 3 Begin?

In the successful and talented cast; The 2nd episode of Glass Ceilings, featuring Kubilay Aka (Cem), Bensu Soral (Leyla), Hatice Aslan (Süreyya), Utku Ateş (Iskender) and Ahmet Melih Yılmaz (Şinasi), will be on Show on Wednesday, June 23 at 08 P.M. It is preparing to welcome its audience with its scenes full of surprises on TV screens.

What happen in the end episode?

Leyla, who was taken from Asude in the 2nd part of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) series, decided to resist. Now is the time to start everything from scratch…

But it won't be easy. Moreover, there is now a formidable opponent in front of him: Cem… A sudden trip by Leyla means alarm bells ringing for Cem. But there is one thing that neither of them took into account; it's love too...

Cam tavanlar Episode 3 Trailer

Cam tavanlar Episode 3 Summary

Cem has a clear love proposal from the hottest. When Leyla is wondering what to answer, life throws a ball at them: Leyla becomes Cem's consultant and decision maker on the business side. Meanwhile, Süreyya, Şinasi, Aylin Şef and İskender are making a thunderous entry into their lives.

Haldun draws his sword. Leyla and Cem are about to split their relationship right in the middle. Will love be able to overcome all these obstacles? Who is next to this love, who is the enemy?

Cam tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) Episode 3 released on Wednesday June 23rd at 08 P.M on Show TV screens! Read Also All Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)

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