Episode 4 Ada Masalı (Island of Tale): Trailer And Summary

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The new 4th episiode trailer of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) has been released! In the end episode; Haziran is afraid that Poyraz will learn the truth. What Will Happen in the episode on June 6th?

The 4th episode of Star TV's summer series Ada Masalı was released. The rapprochement between Haziran and Poyraz drew attention in the trailer. Directed by Ali Bilgin and written by Yeşim Çıtak and Yelda Eroğlu, and signed by Ay Yapım, is preparing to come to the screen with its fourth episode.

The new trailer of the new 4th episode of Ada Masalı, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz and attracting attention with its different story, has been released. In the end episode, Hakan's words about the engagement party night that will bring Ada together creates a question mark in mind. As Haziran and Hakan come face-to-face about Poyraz once again, Idil begins to become more suspicious of the two's attitudes and threatens Hakan. Here is 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) .....

ada masali episode 4
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What happen in the end episode?

Talking to Poyraz while the preparations for the engagement party to be held at Haziran and Poyraz's hotel continue, Melisa says that the new inhabitants of the island will leave the island, but the islanders left behind will no longer be the same people.

Hakan, on the other hand, is making plans to stir up trouble. Witnessing the moments when Hakan and Haziran were arguing, İdil states that while she realizes that the duo is hiding something from Poyraz, she will do her best to reveal this situation. It is noteworthy that Poyraz came to Haziran and became a festek in the promotion, where the moments when Haziran could not control her tears were brought to the screen.

Ada Masalı Episode 4 Trailer 

Ada Masalı Episode 4 Summary

Haziran and Poyraz are very close to each other for the first time. However, İdil's suspicions are about to dissolve everything. Hakan intervenes. Unfortunately, this upsets Haziran even more. Poyraz has to face the fact that Haziran is not permanent on the island. Haziran, on the other hand, gradually loses her movement area due to the situation she is stuck in. Moreover, everything that happens is a burden on his heart. As the opening approaches, they will need to find a cook for the hotel. 

Of course, Haziran and Poyraz cannot agree on this; While Haziran wants flashy and innovative dishes, Poyraz seeks simplicity and taste. Poyraz gets angry that Haziran is trying to solve everything with technology and asks her if she can spend a day without using technology. The two make a sweet bet; If Haziran manages to survive in a deserted bay, Poyraz will tell her her biggest secret. Even if she loses, she will have to tell her secret to Poyraz. On her return from the bay, Haziran receives an unexpected job offer. Poyraz is very shaken by this offer.

Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) Episode 4 released on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021!. Read Also All Episode of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale)

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