Episode 4 Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love): Trailer And Summary

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The trailer for Episode 4 of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) has been released! Firat and Naz are captured! What happen in the episode on 28th?

Aşkın Tarifi series appeared in front of its fans with the third episode. Taylan proposed to Naz and Fırat was blocked. Although Taylan puts his plans into practice, his game is broken. Fırat's move draws attention. The fourth new episode trailer of Aşkın Tarifi series is in our news...

Kanal D's new and popular series Aşkın Tarifi was on the screen with the third episode. In the series, which brings the effort of Fırat to make Naz fall in love with him, Taylan is after big plans against Fırat. What happened in the last episode of Aşkın Tarifi series, which was released with new episodes on Monday evenings?

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What happen in the end episode?

Fırat is also trying to open a closed kebab shop. There is tension in it, too. While they were bickering with Naz again, thanks to a move Fırat made in advance; albeit partially. However, contrary to expectations, the developments experienced; He drags Naz and Fırat on a journey alone. In this way, they have the opportunity to get to know each other better. However, learning this, Sultan gets very nervous and makes an unexpected move. 

Taylan also accelerates his steps in order to marry Naz as soon as possible and add to his reputation. At the same time, he wants to be in the favor of Hazım. Organizes a family dinner. However, Naz's and Taylan's plans do not match. When Taylan goes to the restaurant to find Naz; He is unaware that a great surprise awaits him. Could Fırat achieve his goal?

Aşkın Tarifi Episode 4 Trailer 

Firat and Naz are captured! Sultan does not like the situation Fırat and Naz are in and he talks to Hazım. Naz and Firat encounter a surprise when they least expect it.

Aşkın Tarifi Episode 4 Summary: Taylan manipulates Naz over the Firat and plays with her feelings.

The hugs of Naz and Fırat in the excitement of that moment; He puts Naz in a difficult situation against Taylan and her own family. Fırat is also upset that Naz has fallen into this situation against his family. This hug, which was never planned, actually made Taylan's job easier. Taylan manipulates Naz over the Firat and plays with her feelings. Kebab shop is finally open. While everyone thinks that the person who opened it is Fırat; This move comes from someone totally unexpected.

On the other hand, Fırat and Naz are getting closer and closer. The fact that Fırat is so close to Naz disturbs Sultan and he makes a plan to completely remove Naz from Fırat's life. Thus, the two families are not equivalent to each other in any sense; He will show it to Fırat and Naz herself. However, this plan of the Sultan, contrary to what he thought; While bringing Fırat and Naz closer to each other; Both are unaware of Sultan's last trump card. Like Fırat, Naz begins to realize that she cannot control her emotions. For someone of his character, it is impossible to get out of control. With Taylan catching her from her conscience, Naz acts with her mind instead of her emotions. However, the last move of the Firat and the unexpected developments that will happen on it will leave their mark on everything.

Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) Episode 4 released on June 28, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love)

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